Palliser Beyond Borders continues to serve high school students

Key messages to share with Palliser students and parents:

  • current students continue to have access to their online Palliser Beyond Borders courses

  • Blackboard Drop in support is still available  

  • Palliser Beyond Borders principal will be online manning this drop in room each day and we will put students in touch with their teachers right away, or if the teacher is working with another student, as soon as we can.

  • Teacher contact information, emails and phones are listed in the teacher block of each course. In addition students can drop in via our online classroom and I will put them in touch with their teacher. 

  • All our courses have mobile access. For help in setting up on a phone see these instructions for Blackboard and Moodle. (some telecoms are now offering unlimited access to data FYI - students can follow up with their providers)

  • Cohort instruction continues as well. Your help in getting your students reconnected to us will be appreciated. 

  • As courses are completed, we will be submitting course completions and marks to Alberta Education and reporting via Powerschool to the portal. These will be available through MyPass.

For Non- Palliser Students:

In these circumstances of temporary school closures due to Covid -19, all schools and their teachers will be supporting their students to course completion with home based learning. Before contacting us about registering your child online with us, please be in touch with your child's teachers and school principal.

These teaching and learning relationships will be so important to maintain in the coming months. We do not have to sever those relationships and register with an online school for your child to get access to high school courses to complete at home. All Alberta Schools will be supporting their students and that communication is forthcoming from the province, schools boards, schools and teachers.

Because students are already registered at other Alberta schools school principals must make the request for transfer if required.

Thanks for your patience. Schools are meeting with staff and developing plans to meet student learning needs and these will be communicated out to parents and students

Best Regards

Alison Hancox, MET


Palliser Beyond

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Thank you, Mr. Shain. Your feedback is very encouraging :)

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