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Palliser's Home Education School offers three pathways for families interested in home education.

  • Traditional Home Education - For Parents looking to individualize and lead their child's education
    1. This Pathway is suitable for students in Kindergarten to Grade 9.
    2. The parent is the educator in this program. Families are required to create a Home Education Plan for each child, following either the Alberta Program of Studies or Alberta's Home Education Regulations.
    3. Each child is eligible for a reimbursement of up to $900/child ($450/child for Kindergarten) for resources for educational purposes.
    4. Palliser offers facilitated academic workshops and activities throughout the school year to support the learning of the Traditional Home Education students.
    5. For students in Grades 10-12, this Traditional Home Education Pathway is available but does not provide a pathway to achieving an Alberta High School Diploma.
  • Shared Pathway to Graduation - For families looking for an Alberta high school diploma, paired with the flexibility of home education
    1. This structured, shared-responsibility pathway combines online core courses (Math, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies) through Palliser Beyond Borders with the flexibility for students to pursue their own interests.
    2. Families will co-create a Home Education Plan with Palliser's Home Education Facilitator.
    3. Along with four Online Core Courses each school year, students will follow a parent led Alberta Program of Studies approved set of credits that best meet the needs of the student while adhering to the requirements of the program.
    4. In each grade level 10-12, the student will be required to plan and complete a personal project. The intent of this Palliser requirement is to ensure that students are able to pursue a topic or activity they are passionate about and which is not addressed by an Alberta Education course.
  • The "$650" grant - For traditional home education families interested in having their high school student(s) complete a course with an approved distance learning provider.
    1. Students are not required to use any of their Home Education funds, nor pay for the Distance Learning Course up front.
    2. As long as the student has not used this Grant to take a course from another Alberta School (online or print), there is no cost to the student.
    3. This grant is also available to non-Palliser Home Education students wishing to take an Online Class with Palliser Beyond Borders.

Inquiries can be addressed to Jason Kwasny, principal of Palliser Beyond Borders.

Thank you! You guys were great to work with!

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