Summer School Information

Summer School Semester: July 2nd - July 30th, 2024

Summer School registration is OPEN.

Summer School Overview Schedule

Summer School Schedule (class schedule is subject to change)

Summer School Course Request Form (complete this form to start the registration process for Summer School)

Please Note: Request for courses does not qualify as automatic acceptance. 

  • Students can request ONE course for the summer semester.
  • The mandatory Getting Online (GO) course must be completed by June 27th. This course is required to take any course with Palliser Beyond Borders and should take an afternoon. The GO course only needs to be completed once.

Summer School Student Expectations

  • Students MUST commit to 6 hours per week day which includes a scheduled synchronous class for one hour between 9 am - 12 pm (see Class Schedule).
  • Teachers are available from 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm for additional assistance if needed.
  • There is a mandatory meeting on July 2nd, 8:30 am.  Failure to attend this meeting will risk forfeiting online access.
  • Students are reminded that one summer school day is EQUAL to ONE week of instruction for a regular academic year.  
  • Morning synchronous instruction will be worth your while! Research demonstrates that students complete with high levels of performance when they are in regular contact with their teacher. 
  • Students who are going away on holidays and not able to attend on a daily basis will not be accepted. 
  • Adequate internet access is required (mobile access is not considered adequate).
  • Final Exams (for non-diploma courses) and summative assessment will be done online. No face to face meetings or sittings will be held. 
  • For course information, please refer to the Summer School Information

Any additional questions can be emailed to Jacob @

Summer School Courses Available (5 credit courses)

Alberta Education Course Information

Math Science English Social Studies
*Math 15  Science 10 ELA 10-1 SST 10-1
Math 10C Science 20 ELA 10-2 SST 10-2
Math 20-1 Science 30 (Diploma) ELA 20-1 SST 20-1
Math 20-2 Bio 20 ELA 20-2 SST 20-2
Math 30-1 (Diploma) Bio 30 (Diploma) ELA 30-1 (Diploma) SST 30-1 (Diploma)
Math 30-2 (Diploma) Chemistry 20 ELA 30-2 (Diploma) SST 30-2 (Diploma)
  Chemistry 30 (Diploma)    
  Physics 20     
  Physics 30 (Diploma)    

*Math 15 is a 5 credit remedial course designed to help prepare students for Math 10C. It does not count towards 10-level Math credits.

CALM Bundle (4 credits)

Includes Career & Life Management and Job Preparation

As a parent, I appreciate this targeted and individualized approach. I am so proud to see the work he does every day in school and how he has been guided to reach his potential.

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