Course Catalogue

The Getting Online (GO) Course

  • All Palliser Beyond Borders students are required to complete the GO course as an orientation to our systems. Once the GO course is completed, students will receive credits that will be counted towards an Alberta High School Diploma.
  • The GO course will be available for Palliser grade 9 students towards the end of the school year. Palliser schools can submit a request for the GO course during this time for a cohort of students.

Important Course Registration Dates

Semester 1 Semester 2

Last day to start a 5-credit class

This includes all core classes.

October 15, 2023 March 15, 2024

Last day to start a 3-credit class

This includes all 3+ credit option courses including CALM.

November 15, 2023 April 15, 2024
No further registrations accepted N/A  May 1, 2024

*Start date means being actively engaged in the course.

Palliser Beyond Borders Course Descriptions

Core Courses Offered

Core Courses

*Some classes will be offered synchronously and some asynchronously depending on student enrollment. A synchronous class time schedule will be shared with students once it is finalized. 

English Language Arts Social Studies Mathematics Science

ELA 10-1

ELA 10-2

ELA 20-1

ELA 20-2

ELA 30-1

ELA 30-2

Social Studies 10-1

Social Studies 10-2

Social Studies 20-1

Social Studies 20-2

Social Studies 30-1

Social Studies 30-2

Math 15

Math 10C

Math 20-1

Math 20-2

Math 20-3

Math 30-1

Math 30-2

Math 30-3

Math 31

Science 10

Science 14

Science 20

Science 24

Science 30

Biology 20

Biology 30

Chemistry 20

Chemistry 30

Physics 20

Physics 30

**Please note: Courses must be completed in the semester they are started in.

Non-Core Courses

1 or 2 Credit Courses 3 Credit Courses 3, 4, or 5 Credit Courses 5+ Credit Courses


Hunting & Game Management (2 modules)



Career and Life Management (CALM)

Creative Writing (semester 2 only)

Ecology Bundle

Financial Management

Forensic Sciences

General Psychology

Personal Psychology

Abnormal Psychology

World Geography

World History

Sports Performance Bundle

Art (10/20/30)

Physical Education (10/20/30)

Computer Sciences (up to 6 credits)

Electronic Music Creation (up to 13 credits)

French (10/20/30) (5 credits each)

Food Studies (up to 8 credits)

Journalism (up to 9 credits)

**Please note: Courses must be completed in the semester they are started in.

I am comforted knowing that this option is out there for families looking for a flexible way to educate their children without sacrificing quality of instruction. 

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