Grade 1-9

Live Online (grades 1-9) @ Palliser Beyond Borders

In addition to our high school courses, Palliser Beyond Borders is again offering an online learning opportunity for students in grades 1-9. Unlike the emergency response to COVID that was many students first exposure to online learning, our program is designed for and not adapted to online learning. Students will be exposed to:

  • Teachers that excel in online learning.
  • Instructional activities that lean into the technological nature of online learning.
  • A balance between online and offline learning experiences.

It is expected that students will attend all live learning sessions they are assigned to and complete additional learning tasks outside of the scheduled times.

Thank You for the feedback! I really appreciate it! It has given me a lot of thought on moving forward in my strong areas. I have learned more than I ever expected in this course and through your comments, it has helped me really grow and come to love sketching and exploring again. Thank you for all of this :) 

Art Student, 12

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