Program Description


Palliser Beyond Borders is pleased to offer the following program, should we have enough expressed interest for the 2022-2023 school year:

The program will offer:

  • Daily synchronous instruction in Google Meet
  • Access to lessons in a Google Classroom
  • Opportunity learn offline following teacher instruction
  • classes will be cohort based.
  • project based learning 
  • cross curricular Palliser teacher instruction across the 4 core subject areas (following the Alberta Program of Studies) in a delivery called Live Online. (Language Arts/Social Studies/Math/Science)
  • Health and wellness and technology instruction offered across all instructional areas

Students will be expected to: 

  • join instruction with their teacher on a daily basis. 
  • have reliable internet access
  • have a working headset, camera, and computer
  • have the support of a parent who can work as a learning partner with our teacher to help manage navigation, assignment completion and communication with the teacher.

We will not be able to accommodate requests to transition back and forth between brick and mortar school instruction and online instruction. Should you express interest and register if the program does run, your child will be registered for the full academic year for online instruction with the option of returning to a brick and mortar school at the end of January.

Assessment in Live Online

Students’ level of performance in each subject area will be determined based on:

  • Daily demonstration of learning (formative assessment)
  • Learning exemplars shared online
  • Portfolio exemplars submitted to the teacher
  • Summative assessments of key learning outcomes - portfolio, quizzing, oral or written assessments
  • Celebrations of Learning

Reporting will be shared with parents through email by the classroom teacher.

Cool thanks! I really enjoyed the GO course.

Student message to teacher,, Grade 10

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