Palliser School Division

Palliser School Division

The Palliser School Division provides excellent learning opportunities to students in southern Alberta and around the world, preparing them for life in an increasingly competitive global environment. Palliser has been recognized as a leader in student achievement with some of the highest provincial testing results in Alberta. By providing small class sizes and a caring environment, Palliser offers excellent programming to local and international students from kindergarten to grade 12. Our expertise is teaching English as a second language as well as teaching reading and writing skills.

The Palliser School Division is a school division located in the southern part of the Province of Alberta extending from the City of Calgary (population of 1.2 million) to the City of Lethbridge (population 90,000) and many smaller communities between. Palliser Regional Schools offer a range of diverse settings to meet varying needs and interests and provide excellent academic programming that balances academics, athletics, and the arts. Some schools are infused with faith based programming, while others are not. Some require students to wear uniforms, and some do not.

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Programs and Services

Our online learning programs allow students in grades 1-12 from Palliser and outside of the region to access an education in one of the highest achieving divisions in Alberta. 

In addition, Palliser high schools operate on a semester system, with one semester running from September through January and the second from February to June. Although online learning can happen throughout the year, the schools are generally closed during July and August.

Supply lists, fees and calendars vary from school to school. Please consult the school's website to learn more. Click here for a link to all of our schools. Please note that student supplies will vary from school to school, so please consult the school's website for more information. Learn more about our schools.

"Your education here enables you to think outside the box and learn from everyone and every experience you may deal with. Your time here has shaped you into individuals who can change the world however small or large. You might only have one match but you can make an explosion."

Mahnoor, 12

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