1-9 Online - Why Choose this Program?

Live Online 1-9 @ Palliser Beyond Borders

Palliser Regional Schools is committed to running this program for the entire year next academic year if there is enough expressed interest. 

Why choose this program?

  • We deliver a vibrant online learning experience for elementary and junior high students.
  • Our program builds student teacher relationships to support successful student learning.
  • Our students ARE successfully learning online. 
  • Our students ARE engaged and successfully learning through project based, cross curricular opportunities to show their learning.
  • We celebrate and love to see our students' learning.

Choose us if you want:

  • High quality education.
  • Expert and dedicated teachers.
  • A safe and caring online learning environment.
  • Flexibility in curriculum delivery.

Decisions will be made by the week of May 31 and parents will be contacted to confirm if the program is available for the 2022-2023 school year.

Open Houses

  • Dates will be available for an opportunity to hear more information and ask any questions you may have soon. 


Having the opportunity to learn at my own pace was something that really helped me and other students get through high school. Being an independent student and having access to all of my assignments was a big help. I found myself accomplishing things I never thought possible.

Travis, 12

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