Our History

Palliser Regional Schools is a Canadian school division spanning a wide area of southern Alberta, serving students in the large urban centre of Calgary as well as in small, agricultural communities as far south as Coaldale. By combining innovative teaching methods with today’s technology, we offer students and families a unique multicultural education experience that includes and extends the model of traditional K-12 classroom learning in local communities to education without borders in countries across the globe.

We didn’t start there. Our first step beyond the traditional brick and mortar education model was initiated in 2013 with the initiation of bringing online high school courses to Alberta students. This expansion provided all Palliser Regional School students with increased access to a broader range of high school programming, especially beneficial to students in smaller communities. In addition to greater flexibility and course selection, students were also able to take courses at their own pace, from the convenience of their own home, in their own time.  

We didn’t stop there. We wanted to bring the world to our students’ doors and to give our students opportunities that would deepen their global and cultural understandings. The expansion continued, and the student program Palliser Beyond Borders was born, changing the learning landscape by broadening opportunities to students near and far.


Today, Palliser Regional Schools is a student-focused system, in which all members of the Palliser team contribute to ensuring student success. Students of Palliser Beyond Borders can choose online learning as well as at one of the Palliser schools in southern Alberta. They might be students from abroad living in Palliser with a host family and attending one of our excellent, caring schools. They might be students abroad experiencing Palliser’s literacy-focused instruction for the first time through an online learning connection from the comfort of their own homes.

Through these initiatives, every student can be a Palliser student, benefiting from strong assessment practices, instruction tailored to the individual student’s learning strengths and a focus on the literacy skills every student needs for success in school and in life.

Our students can complete online learning at their own pace, but they do so with the guidance of a teacher who can and will intervene to support the student’s successful completion of courses. Whether working from home or in a school, our students benefit from collaborative work with peers regardless of where or how they learn.

While our students may come from a wide variety of backgrounds and with unique learning styles and needs, the unifying factor at Palliser Beyond Borders is excellent instruction and teachers who care.

Our daughter actually said she loved PE, which we never thought we’d hear and that alone made the effort worth it. After receiving encouragement and after getting positive emails on her efforts, she feels positive about her physical education efforts. We hear often in our house how all teachers should be like Ms. Krammer and, truly, her father and I are in agreement.

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