November 2019 progress reports will be released to the portal tomorrow

November 2019

Dear Students: Your progress reports will be released to the portal by tomorrow. The link is found on our website at the top right hand corner  


 (Click parent portal. It is the same url for students

Concurrent students - you will use the same credentials that you use to view your reports from your Palliser high school. 

Outreach and online students: you will have received an email from or with log in codes for you to use to create your accounts. If you have trouble be in touch with either of these ladies. 

This letter is being sent to your parents and guardians:

November 2019


Dear Parents, Guardians, Students and  Palliser School Principals:


Palliser Beyond Borders’ November reports are now available for parent and student viewing on the PowerSchool Portal, The link is also found on our website at the top right hand corner  



Features available on the Public Portal are options to view courses the student is enrolled in, progress and final marks and teacher comments. Paper reports can be printed from the portal. We will not be emailing out individual reports.

The Grades tab will allow you to check assignments and scores by progress and final marks. To email the teacher a question or concern, please click the blue teacher's name link. The Grades History tab will show you the grades your child received in previous grading periods. The Teacher Comments tab is used to access current teacher comments for your student and the School Bulletin tab has current announcements for our school. 

Refer to the LINK: PowerSchool UserGuide for Parents for further details. This user guide also includes instructions for using the PowerSchool Public Portal mobile app. 


This progress report represents assessment of student learning to mid November. Teacher comments summarize 

  • the curricular requirements in each subject area
  • the teacher’s assessment of student learning: the level of performance at which the student is demonstrating an understanding of the curricular outcomes and what evidence was used to assess
  • a personal comment to encourage the student to bump up their level of performance with some concrete suggestions.






80 – 100 

Work Meets Standard of Excellence 

65 – 79 

Work Exceeds Acceptable Standard/Proficient

50 – 64 

Work Meets Acceptable Standard 

0 - 49

Work Does Not Meet Acceptable Standard 

Blank mark column or comments field or UTA or NMA

Unable to Assess or no mark available ( student not yet started course, insufficient evidence of learning, or course just released to student)




Students who have a mark under “Final Mark” have completed the course. Their credits will be uploaded to Alberta Education and student transcripts will be updated. Students can access their detailed academic records from MyPass

Please click on the R1 column for comments associated with Y0 final marks. 


You will have received an email from Stephanie Krammer with marks for the three credits  for the Getting Online (GO course. You will not see marks or comments in this reporting period. You will see the credits assigned through your Alberta Education MY PASS account.




Students who have a mark under "Progress Mark" are in progress to complete. These students are expected to complete based on a timeline arranged with their teacher. Quarter due dates are posted on our website so students can plan completion timelines to ensure by what date they need to complete to be certain final marks show on transcripts.




Please note that concurrent students who are co-registered at Palliser Beyond Borders and a Palliser high school are expected to follow the semester system and meet the January deadlines for their semester 1 courses. If they do not attend to learning and have been unable to meet the deadlines they do risk paying an extension fee to be granted a second semester to complete. Some students may have arranged to complete a course over two semesters with their teacher or school and in that case this message does not apply to them. 

See our fees here:


Students who do not have a mark in either column, an NMA or a UTA have not submitted sufficient evidence of learning to be assessed. If 28 days go by without students making contact with their teacher or without responding to interventions, we will remove students from those courses and will submit a withdraw to Alberta Education. 



Our schedules for onine teacher availability are posted and on the Moodle dashboard.




Students who are only taking work experience, or dual credits and no online courses: your credits are submitted through our school. Please follow instructions from our Off campus Coordinators for deadlines and other requirements. The online deadlines do not apply if you are not in any online courses. 


Jen Coutts

Off Campus Teacher (Coaldale, Coalhurst, Nobleford, Picture Butte, Vulcan and areas)


Charlene Foster

Off Campus Teacher (Calgary)

Our next HCS 3000 crash course will be offered during the January exam period. Please as Mrs. Coutts or Mrs. Foster to register you if you need this prerequisite for Work experience or registered apprenticeships. More information is posted here:


Our focus is to help students achieve success in their courses. If students require detailed information about their course progress they can find assignment grades in their Moodle courses: under grade in the administration block, on the left hand side of the course. Students and parents are also welcome to book a meeting with teachers to review student coursework. See: Parents: I encourage you to ask your student to show them their online work. 

If something seems amiss please do let us know so we can make the necessary corrections.

Concurrent students will receive reports for courses taken with Palliser Beyond Borders  at their primary High School from their own schools. 

Your learning is important to us at Palliser Beyond Borders. If in the future you wish to apply to  re-register in the course with our school or another Alberta school you can. If you have partial completion of learning materials in the course we can review those lessons completed and consider them so you don’t have to redo parts of the course. This will be up to your teacher to decide on the best course of action. If you are registering at another school other than ours, please have your teacher contact us for information and copies of our grade book.  


If you have any inquiries about this process please contact us at or visit your local Palliser Beyond Borders School in  Vulcan, or Coaldale. See our website for address and contact info at


With very best regards, 

Alison Hancox, B.Ed., MET 

Principal, Palliser Beyond Borders




  1. PowerSchool Mobile App.  The app can be downloaded for iOS (Apple Store) or Android (Google Play Store). After downloading the mobile app, you will be asked to: 
    1. enter the district code - it is QRWW.  


  1. Further instructions can be found  at


The app version seems to be the most user friendly and features the following tabs along the bottom: Dashboard, Classes, Calendar, Schedule, & More.  Here are some details about the app features:


Dashboard - a snapshot of what classes the student is in and various assignment status indicators are present here.


Classes - a list of all the classes a student has for the 2018-19 school year appears. The Y0 column indicates final marks. R1,2,3,4 marks indicate progress marks for a course still in progress.  


More - a menu appears with the option to select your Account.  If you select Account and then Notifications, you will be able to turn on/off notifications about Grade Changes.  If you select the child’s name under Email Notifications, you can opt in for email updates on a variety of things - you can also set the Frequency of these emails.  



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I am comforted knowing that this option is out there for families looking for a flexible way to educate their children without sacrificing quality of instruction. 

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