November 25 HCS 3000 and Getting Online Crash Courses

Dear students:

Our crash courses have been very successful this year. So far 82 students have successfully completed HCS 3000 course and are ready now to pursue RAP or Work experience with our off campus coordinators, Jen Coutts (south) or Charlene Foster (Brant, Vulcan and Calgary).

If you wish to participate in the crash course please make your requests by November 18.

Concurrent students please see the following folks depending on the school you attend at Palliser:

Brant: Mrs Wasick
Carmangay: Mr Jack
CCHS: Ms. Hellman
Calgary Christian : Mrs. Armstead
Coalhurst: Mrs. Grimes
Heritage: Mrs. Kaiser
Huntsville: Ms. Rosen
John Davidson: Mrs. McGregor
Kate Andrews: Mr. Grimes
Masters: Mrs. McAllistar
Menno: Mr. Knafta
Noble Central: Mr. Thompson

Students new to Palliser, including adults, students in Alberta not registered in a Palliser School, are welcome to register. Please inquire about registering by completing this form.

Students will need to review the materials and complete 2 quizzes prior to logging live online. The next crash courses will be offered during January exam period.

HCS 3000 Crash course

Our second HCS 3000 cohort crash course (pre-req for work experience ) is offered Monday November 25 12;30 am - 2:30 pm. If you want to participate please ask your contact person at your school to make the request. they have a form to complete on your behalf.

It will be offered Live online with Stephanie Krammer in our live online classroom.

All students will need working headsets with speakers and mics to participate.

Getting Online (GO) Crash course

Our Getting Online Crash course is offered November 25th from 10-12 also Live Online.

Students who need this course for second semester or for a 1 credit course request can complete the orientation that morning and move into their next course that afternoon.

If you want to participate please ask your contact person at your school to make the request. they have a form to complete on your behalf.

If there are other courses that you think might be useful to offer as a crash course please let us know so we can consider.

Best regards,
Alison Hancox
Principal @ Palliser Beyond Borders

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Again thank you so much for everything, because if it wasn't for great teachers like you, I wouldn't have enjoyed school as much, and I probably wouldn't have discovered what I am truly passionate about. It's the teachers who have a connection with their students and share their passion are the ones who influence those around them the most. Thanks to the help from you and from my regular teachers in school, I was able to come out as a Most Improved Student and as a Top Performer in Social Studies 30-2. It goes to show what having good teachers and good programs can do!

Morgan, 12

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