June diplomas - Students please read



Dear Students: 

If you are writing a diploma exam this June please be aware of these important messages:

  • If you have been registered to write and exam you will have received an email from Lola.Mix@pallisersd.ab.ca confirming your location to writeand any accommodations provided.
  • If you DID NOT receive and email form Lola Mix, please be in touch with your teacher to confirm that you are ready to write the exam. Students may not turn up unannounced to write a diploma exam. Many factors are at play to ensure all exam invigilation requirements are in place to Alberta Education standards. This includes ordering exams in advance. We do not necessarily have extra exams, enough computers or seats to accommodate drop ins. 
  • Please do not assume you can not turn up in June and write in August. That needs to be pre-arranged and you will have to do that using you MyPASS account to register at either SAIT in Calgary or Victoria School in Lethbridge - sites that offer summer diplomas. 
  • Please check your @prs26.ca email. If you should be writing a diploma and did not receive your email from Lola.Mix please confirm with your teacher and Lola Mix details for writing. you can always reach out to me at alison.hancox@pallisersd.ab.ca
  • Diploma review session information is posted in your diploma course and also on our website under the Current Students tab.
  • See these resources to help you prepare for exams and diplomas


Exam protocols

  • Arrive 30 minutes early to the site you at which you plan to attend to get settled and to log on to a computer if you are writing part A of Social Studies or English using a word processing tool. 
  • Bring water and snack with you.

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I would never have made it this far without the support of the outreach community and everyone who has been a part of the community. 

Travis, Grade 12

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