May 10 - Business as usual for our 1-9 online students

May 10, 2021

Dear students and parents in grades 1-9:

As grades 1-9 in Alberta move to online learning, we want to assure you that teaching and learning at Palliser Beyond Borders continues online. Our goal is to provide continuity of learning online through our Live Online program. Palliser continues to be committed to our delivery of grades 1-9 through Palliser Beyond Borders. 

It’s business as usual in our Live Online community with the following points for you to consider.

  • Students still have access to their gated online Palliser Beyond Borders Google Classroom courses.  
  • Deadlines as set by the teachers still apply. 
  • Refer to the student’s To Do list and calendar in Google Classroom to see upcoming assignments. 
  • Students will still meet with their grade level teachers with the schedule shared by your teacher.
  • We continue to emphasize literacy, numeracy and wellness which are integrated through instruction and learning materials. 
  • See our school calendar on our website for professional learning days and winter break.
  • Reach out to set up a meeting time with the teacher in between formal conference times, if you need to touch base with the teacher. See our E-Teacher web pages on our website for contact information:
  • Last day of classes is June 25, 2021

What can parents do to help:

  • Help your child manage emails.
  • Print off your child's weekly schedule from the Google classroom to help ensure they log in on time for their class meetings or independent meetings with the teacher.
  • Encourage students to log on before a Google Meet starts and mute their mics.
  • Encourage students to engage in learning and stay on topic.
  • Encourage students to mute mics while others are talking is helpful.
  • Encourage students to use the chat during instruction on the topic being addressed and wait to type in private messages until after instruction is complete.
  • Encourage your child to reach out to teachers using Google Hangout or private comments in between formal live class times.

Wishing you all health and wellbeing. 


Best Regards

Alison Hancox, MET


Palliser Beyond




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About our Leadership Award Recipient: She surrounds herself with others that make her the best version of herself and holds others to high standards. She has been a strong leader in many roles throughout her high school career and most notably was presenting on Palliser's behalf at The National Congress on Rural Education in Saskatoon wtih three others. I am sad we say good-bye to her this year, but am excited to see how she continues to have an impact on others.

Mrs. Porath, Teacher

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