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Palliser Beyond Borders teachers each maintain their own websites, called eTeacher pages where they can share information about themselves and the courses they teach. To see a list of all available courses and who teaches them, please visit Our Staff page.

Teacher subject assignments

Parent-Teacher -Student  Conferences

Times have been set aside for parents and students to book a time to meet with teachers.  Meetings with teachers may be made:

  • in person
  • online in Blackboard Collaborate with pre-arrangements
  • by phone
  • google hangout with pre-arrangements.

Palliser Beyond Borders and Outreach Teachers will be available to meet with parents and students at any time during the year. Please feel free to call and set up an appointment. Please see the contact list below. Our teachers will also call and arrange to meet with you if there are concerns about your student’s progress.

Our teachers are available to coordinate appointments when you attend parent teacher interviews at your local high school. You will have to let us know if you would like to meet on these dates because they vary across the district. Teachers can meet with you by phone, in person or online. Please book an appointment with the teacher directly or complete this form. Please coordinate what site you will meet at.

Palliser Beyond Borders teachers are available by appointment online,telephone, in person and by appointment at our sites. Teachers are available by appointment where possible to coincide with parent teacher meetings at the local Palliser highschools.

These meetings can be arranged to meet at an Outreach site, by phone or online depending on parent and teacher location.

These teachers will be available to meet by appointment at the local highschools on these dates:  At Vulcan

  • September 24 @ 6pm,  October 17, 2018 at County Central High School 4-7 pm. Call the high school to book an appointment  (403-485-2223)
  • March 20, 2019, 4-7 pm. 
  • Call the high school to book an appointment  (403-485-2223)
  • by appointment @Vulcan Outreach

Bruno Castelli, Keith Harrison, Jen Nieboer @ Coaldale/Kate Andrews High School

  • by appointment by calling 403-345-4421
  • Bruno and Keith: Tuesday evening online by appointment 4:30-6:30 pm online 

Steven Wornell @ Picture Butte Outreach/Picture Butte High School  

  • Nov 1, 2018 4-9pm, Picture Butte High School, 401 Rogers Ave S, Picture Butte, AB T0K 1V0, Canada
  • by appointment by calling 403- 732-5812

Warren Thompson at Noble Central High School

  • by appointment by calling 403-824-3817

  • by appointment by calling CCHS (403-485-2223) to schedule an appointment.
  • CCHS on Oct 17 and 18, 2018 from 1640 to 1900 hrs,, in Calgary

  • by appointment. Please call 403-291-0584,

  • Nov 21, 22, 2018 4:30 pm - 7 pm
  • by appointment . Please call 403-684-3752

To arrange to meet a teacher at one of these times or to join us at an online open house please register here.

"Your education here enables you to think outside the box and learn from everyone and every experience you may deal with. Your time here has shaped you into individuals who can change the world however small or large. You might only have one match but you can make an explosion."

Mahnoor, 12

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