September Newsletter with course information is now released

Students, parents and Palliser colleagues: Please find the September newsletter issue released. This issue includes information about:

  • Septemeber 30 Outreach kick offs
  • completing the GO course and how to get help from your teacher
  • important dates
  • diploma exams
  • exam protocol
  • the school calendar (which differs from other schools.
  • the Blackboard timetable. 



Notes from your Palliser Beyond Borders Principal

Is your learning on track for successful completion?


Students who register with us for the first time are expected to complete our Getting Online course. This course teaches students how to

  • learn online
  • submit assignments
  • use Google Apps for Education in the Moodle learning platform
  • communicate with teachers
  • and be successful online learners.

If you were registered in the first week of school you should have now completed the course and moved on to your academic course.

What do you do if you have not finished GO?

 Get online. Open up the course and continue! On average we know that students will successfully complete after 16 log ins and working through assignments an hour at a time. This could be 16 log ins over two weeks or 16 log ins over a year! We want you to finish GO this week.

  • Fix if something is not right? We have a 10 minute rule of thumb at Palliser Beyond Borders. If something is amiss reach out for help. Don’t sit and wait and say I’ll figure it out tomorrow. Let’s get it figured out today so you can move on.
  • Use Technology for learning. We do not want technology to be the barrier to learning. We need to shift from “learning to use technology” to “using technology for learning” in the first two weeks of school. Ask for help.
  •  Get help
    • Refer to the Teacher information block in your Moodle course. This is an example.
    • Email or in GO or your teacher in other courses.
    • Use 20th century technology: Call your teacher.
    • Book a meeting – by phone, google hang out, face to face, Blackboard
    • Drop into our Blackboard sessions to meet with a teacher on duty
    • Come to Tuesday night study hall 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm. Bruno and Keith can help get you on track.
    • Ask your Outreach teacher to help even if your subject teacher is someone else. All of our teachers know how to get help for you.
    • Stay in regular contact with your teacher

Research tells us the most successful online students are those who know their teacher and know how to reach out for help. Your job now is to build a strong learning and teaching relationship with your teacher.

Best regards,

Alison Hancox, MET. Principal, Palliser Beyond Borders

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Again thank you so much for everything, because if it wasn't for great teachers like you, I wouldn't have enjoyed school as much, and I probably wouldn't have discovered what I am truly passionate about. It's the teachers who have a connection with their students and share their passion are the ones who influence those around them the most. Thanks to the help from you and from my regular teachers in school, I was able to come out as a Most Improved Student and as a Top Performer in Social Studies 30-2. It goes to show what having good teachers and good programs can do!

Morgan, 12

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