Semester 2 Blackboard and instruction timetable

Students: please see our new updated timetable. You will see:

  • we are learning more about your needs and times you are available to access our instruction. We are building our timetable to match your needs and requests.
  • we always have teachers in our drip in room from noon - 3pm
  • we always have a teacher available on tuesdays when we are in session from 4:30-6 pm
  • when we have a cohort of students from one of our Palliser schools in one¬†subject area we endeavour to timetable so the group receives instruction either face to face at an Outreach or online. If you are a student who is part of a cohort and want to coordinate with your teacher to arrange this please speak to your subject teacher. If you are a principal at a Palliser School we will work with you to timetable to meet your students' needs. Please see under the synchronous colum the classes that are timetable already. you can coordinate with your teacher how to join, if you aren't already timetabled at your primary school. You can always meet your teacher at one of the drop in times.¬†

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All is appreciated when it comes to you answering emails and questions. Without this consistent help and encouragement from you, I doubt I would have made it this far :) 

Student, Grade 11

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