Palliser Beyond Borders offers full-service off-campus education programs

Off Campus Education programs are designed to enrich the educational experiences of students and allow them to discover and investigate a variety of career opportunities. 

  • This program allows students to earn high school credits  from on-the-job work experiences.
  • Students can earn credits beyond the brick and mortar building by working "off campus" in the community under the supervision of a Palliser Teacher, our Off Campus Coordinator, and approved work site.
  • Students earn credit beyond the regular school schedule by learning and earning in the community.  
  • Credits earned can be applied to the Rutherford Scholarship

Click here to learn more View the presentation at the bottom and pre-register for an intake meeting to see how you can earn credits for working or volunteering in your community. 

For more information, please contact:

Jen Nieboer

Off Campus Coordinator

Palliser Beyond Borders


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The environment in the Outreach has a way of building you up. There is always positivity lowing through the air with different students and teachers coming in. There was always new ways to learn things each day and other students' ideas helped make the Outreach a place where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. 

Travis, Grade 12

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