April reports distributed to schools for students

Students: your April progress reports were distributed last week to your schools and mailed home to parents with the following cover letter. If you have questions or see something amiss please let us know. 

The most important message:

Students who have not completed 50% of the material and assessments in their courses by May 1st must choose one of the three options by completing the Student Intentions form:

  1. Declare their intention of registering in the summer semester to complete Please note there may be a fee for re-registration.

  2. Declare their intention of registering in the fall semester to complete. Please note there may be a fee for re-registration.

  3. Finish their course by the June deadline or have the course submitted to Alberta Education as a withdraw on the student’s transcript


Second Semester Deadlines:

Please note that courses need to be completed within one calendar year of the student’s start date. These deadlines mean that all assignments and exams must be submitted on or before the date.

Diploma Courses: June 1, 2016

Non-diploma Courses: June 10, 2016

Any work submitted after the deadline will not be assessed until the subsequent semester begins. Please be in touch with your teacher(s) directly before this date if you have questions or concerns.


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Mahnoor, 12

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