Diploma Exam Information

Course Deadline Dates for Diplomas

November Diplomas

November Diplomas

January Diplomas

January Diplomas

April Diplomas

April Diplomas

June Diplomas

June Diplomas

Student Declaration of intention to write a diploma exam

Diploma exams can written five times a year: January, April, June, August, November.

Not all writing centres have sittings for April, August and November exams.

Please complete this form and update as necessary. This form is also linked in your diploma course.

Completion of this form does not automatically register you for your diploma exam. Your teacher must approve your registration for a diploma writing. You must have demonstrated successful learning in at least  50% of the course (except during the summer) on or before the diploma registration date to be considered for registration. Before a student can write a diploma they must have successfully completed the course work.

Please be advised if you decide last minute to register to write a diploma you may risk not receiving accomodations if you have not met the announced deadlines provided by your teacher. In addition if you self register at another site, the other school will have no evidence of those accomodations and the other site can not provide them. 

The best strategy is to work with your teacher, finish the course, meet the deadlines, and priovide the signed paper work to apply for diplomas and accomodations so that all is in place for your writing time. 

Palliser Beyond Borders staff will send you a confirmation of your registration. This will likely come as an email. Please ensure you are continually checking your Palliser email ( for any correspondence between you and Palliser Beyond Borders staff member(s).

Please note: If this information changes (such as writing date or location), it is the STUDENT'S RESPONSIBILITY to make the change and notify their teacher.

If you need assistance while completing this process, please contact us at or (403) 485-6180.

Diploma Review Information

English Review Sessions:

English 30-1 and English 30-2

  • Tues Oct 24th, 4:30-6:30 English 30-1 and -2 Diploma Review session
  • Monday, Dec 11th, 2:00 - 3:00  English 30-1 and -2 Diploma Review session
  • Tues Jan 9th, 4:30-6:30 English 30-1 and -2 Diploma Review session
  • Wed Jan 9th, 1:00-3:00   English 30-1 and -2 Diploma Review session
    Thursday January 11th, 9-11    English 30-1 and -2 Diploma Review session
  • contact for more information

Social Studies 30-1 and 30-2 Review Sessions: 


  • Friday Oct 2610-11 am Social 30-1 and 30-2 Diploma Review session
  • Friday Dec 15, 10-11 am Social 30-1 and -2 Diploma Review session
  • Monday Jan 81-2 pm Social 30-1 and -2 Diploma Review session
  • Monday Jan 151-2 pm Social 30-1 and -2 Diploma Review session
  • contact for more information

Biology 30 

Jan 8-24 Bio 30 review in Blackboard with Students must attend. 

Chemistry 30:

Online assignments and Tuesday Jan 9@ 9:15 am and Thursday Jan. 11 @ 9:15 am with Steven Wornell (

Math 30-1

Review diploma resources in your course. Either attend Blackboard Monday Jan 8 and Thursday January 11 @10:30 - 11:30 or book one on one with

Math 30-2 Review:

Arrange a one on one with with if you plan to re-write. 

Physics 30:

Arrange one on one with

Science 30 Review:

Arrange a one on one with if you plan to re-write.

Cool thanks! I really enjoyed the GO course.

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