Diploma Exam Information

April and June 2020 Diploma Exams

Dear students: For those registered to write in April -  We have called all students and left messages or talked to you personally to advise diplomas are cancelled and your final mark for credit will be based on your course mark. 


From Alberta Education: See the announcements for high school learning

Diploma exams Grade 12 diploma exams are cancelled through to the end of June 2020.

Students currently scheduled to write diploma exams in April and June will receive exemptions, without having to apply. Under special circumstances, students may request to write a diploma exam.

Students with special circumstances may include some home-schooled students or adult learners. Students who do not study under a school authority can contact for assistance. 

Students who are retaking course work and will receive a new school mark in April will be exempt from writing the diploma exam in April.  The new school mark will count as 100% of their mark.  Highest mark are forwarded to the transcript.

Written January diploma exams will not be exempted.

Diploma Exams

  • ·       Due to classes being cancelled and current measures prohibiting gatherings, the administration of diploma exams will be cancelled for April and June 2020, except in extenuating circumstances, which are outlined below. 
  • ·       Students currently registered to write diploma exams during the April and June sessions will receive exemptions, without the need to apply for one.
  • ·       Students who paid a rewrite fee for April or June diploma exams will receive a refund.
  • ·       Students who planned to rewrite diploma exams in April or June will receive an exemption from the diploma exam, if a new school awarded mark for the April or June terms is submitted.  The new school awarded mark will be their final course mark.

Cases of extenuating circumstances where diploma exams may be administered include:

o   Home schooled students.  Some universities specifically ask for standardized test results to be available for home schooled students.

o   Adult students.  Students with mature student status may challenge diploma exams, without taking the course. These individuals cannot be exempt from a diploma exam, as they do not have a school-awarded mark.

  • o   Alberta Education will work with school authorities to review requests to write April and/or June diploma exams and establish suitable writing centre logistics.



If you are the exception and want to write in April please advise me by April 1, 2020 so that I can communicate this to Alberta Education. 


Best regards,

Alison Hancox

Principal@Palliser Beyond Borders


Diploma Review Information

Reviews will be held during the weeks prior to diploma writing 



English Review Sessions:

  • English 30-1 Prep: 
  • English 30-2 Prep:
  • Contact Keith.Harrison for more information

Social Studies 30-1 and 30-2 Review Sessions : 

Please review Final Exam Resources in the Classroom and watch all recorded Adobe Collaborate Recordings from the course which are stored in Literacy Resources-Social Studies-Blackboard Collaborate Recordings.

Biology 30 

Chemistry 30:

Online assignments and students must arrange and attend at least 2 review sessions with Steven Wornell in advance of the Diploma date. Contact him through Steven.Wornel

Math 30-1 and 30-2

Review diploma resources in your course and book with Bruno.Castelli

Physics 30:

Arrange one on one with Jason.Doerksen

Science 30 Review:

Students must arrange and attend at least 2 review sessions with Steven Wornell in advance of the Diploma date. Contact him through Steven.Wornell

Diploma Accomodations

Starting in the 2017-2018 school year, all students are eligible for accommodations and provisions to write diploma exams without an application process. Most accommodations, for the purpose of writing diploma exams, are reviewed, managed and ordered at the school-level. The Special Cases and Accommodations team will review accommodation requests related to the following circumstances:

 Unique accommodations,

 Mature students not attending high school and

 Home schooled students

Students must understand, and adhere to, the accommodation and provision administration directives, rules and procedures of writing a diploma exam with the use of accommodations and provision(s).

Mature Students Who Do Not Attend High Schools and Home Schooled Students

Mature students who do not attend a high school and home schooled students are eligible for all of the below accommodations and provisions. To ensure the writing centre is prepared for these students to write diploma exams with accommodations and provisions, they should be informed to contact the Special Cases and Accommodations team directly by emailing All requests for physical diploma exam materials (CDs, MP3s, large print, Braille, coloured paper) must be made by the deadline for each diploma exam administration (see Schedules and Significant Dates section).

Accommodations must be coordinated with your subject teacher well in advance and put in place as part of your instructional plan. 

See this Alberta Education document that describes accommodations provided by Alberta Education

August Diploma Dates

Cick to see more information from Alberta Education

Cick to see more information from Alberta Education

Student Declaration of intention to write a diploma exam

Diploma exams can written five times a year: January, April, June, August, November.

Not all writing centres have sittings for April, August and November exams.

Please complete this form and update as necessary. This form is also linked in your diploma course.

Completion of this form does not automatically register you for your diploma exam. Your teacher must approve your registration for a diploma writing. You must have demonstrated successful learning in at least  50% of the course (except during the summer) on or before the diploma registration date to be considered for registration. Before a student can write a diploma they must have successfully completed the course work.

Please be advised if you decide last minute to register to write a diploma you may risk not receiving accomodations if you have not met the announced deadlines provided by your teacher. In addition if you self register at another site, the other school will have no evidence of those accomodations and the other site can not provide them. 

The best strategy is to work with your teacher, finish the course, meet the deadlines, and priovide the signed paper work to apply for diplomas and accomodations so that all is in place for your writing time. 

Palliser Beyond Borders staff will send you a confirmation of your registration. This will likely come as an email. Please ensure you are continually checking your Palliser email ( for any correspondence between you and Palliser Beyond Borders staff member(s).

Please note: If this information changes (such as writing date or location), it is the STUDENT'S RESPONSIBILITY to make the change and notify their teacher.

If you need assistance while completing this process, please contact us at or (403) 485-6180.

Having the opportunity to learn at my own pace was something that really helped me and other students get through high school. Being an independent student and having access to all of my assignments was a big help. I found myself accomplishing things I never thought possible.

Travis, 12

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