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Palliser Beyond Borders - Diploma Exam Information 2020-2021

Diploma exams for January, April and June 2021 are optional as posted by Alberta Education November 2020. Students and their parents will decide whether the student would like to write their diploma exam. If the diploma exam is not written, an exemption will be provided. To receive an exemption, students need to be currently taking the course and receive a school-awarded mark during the 2020/21 school year.

The Diploma Exam General Information Bulletin will soon be updated to reflect the changes.

Students will automatically be awarded an exemption once a passing course mark is submitted to Alberta Education students must complete their courses to qualify for the exemption. 

If students registered in courses wish to write the diploma please alert your teacher who will arrange for registration, and you will be notified of locations and times and covid protocol for writing. 

If you are 

  • A student re-writing for upgrading, 
  • home education students looking for credits, or
  • adults looking for credits without course the requirement to complete a course for a course mark

you must register at MyPass and confirm with the location at which you wish to write that they will invigilate for you. 

See this document with questions and answers

If you plan to write please refer to the information below. 

Please find your teacher listed below to see the dates you must have completed all coursework to write your diploma exams.


Bruno Castelli

Math 30-1 and 2: 

For January Diplomas

Jan. 1 - course completion

For April Diplomas

Mar. 17 - course completion

For June Diplomas

May 28 - course completion

Rob Enns

Social Studies 30-1 and 2: 

For January Diplomas

Jan. 5 - course completion

For April Diplomas

April 6 - course completion

For June Diplomas

June 4 - course completion

Keith Harrison

English 30-1 and 2:

For November Diplomas

Nov. 1 - course completion

For January Diplomas

Dec. 16 - course completion

For April Diplomas

April 2 - course completion

For June Diplomas

June 3 - course completion

James Tiberio

Biology 30 and Physics 30:

For January Diplomas

Jan. 5 - course completion

For April Diplomas

Mar. 18 - course completion

For June Diplomas

May 28 - course completion

Steven Wornell

Chemistry 30 and Science 30: 

For January Diplomas

Jan. 6 - course completion

For April Diplomas

March 18 - course completion

For June Diplomas

June 4 - course completion


*** The Alberta Department of Education has made NOVEMBER diploma exams OPTIONAL for students because of COVID-19 this year. Students should speak to their teachers to discuss their options in order to decide what will work best for them, as soon as possible.***


Here is a link if you would like to add these dates to your calendar.



Important dates

Guides for Students

The Alberta government creates and maintains the following guides to help students prepare to write diploma exams:


Diploma Accomodations

Starting in the 2017-2018 school year, all students are eligible for accommodations and provisions to write diploma exams without an application process. Most accommodations, for the purpose of writing diploma exams, are reviewed, managed and ordered at the school-level. The Special Cases and Accommodations team will review accommodation requests related to the following circumstances:

 Unique accommodations,

 Mature students not attending high school and

 Home schooled students

Students must understand, and adhere to, the accommodation and provision administration directives, rules and procedures of writing a diploma exam with the use of accommodations and provision(s).

Mature Students Who Do Not Attend High Schools and Home Schooled Students

Mature students who do not attend a high school and home schooled students are eligible for all of the below accommodations and provisions. To ensure the writing centre is prepared for these students to write diploma exams with accommodations and provisions, they should be informed to contact the Special Cases and Accommodations team directly by emailing special.cases@gov.ab.ca. All requests for physical diploma exam materials (CDs, MP3s, large print, Braille, coloured paper) must be made by the deadline for each diploma exam administration (see Schedules and Significant Dates section).

Accommodations must be coordinated with your subject teacher well in advance and put in place as part of your instructional plan. 

See this Alberta Education document that describes accommodations provided by Alberta Education

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