Starting a course with Palliser Beyond Borders?

We believe that students who follow these tips will be successful online learners: 

• Make it a priority to read all your teacher’s communication and introduce yourself to him or her. Students who build teaching and learning relationships with their teachers find the experience rewarding.
• The student role is to manage time wisely, identify ways you learn best and reach to demonstrate your understanding. See the table of deadline dates below.
• Calculate how many weeks left before you must finish the course and divide up by weeks what you have left to complete in your course.
• Commit to the schedule.
• Check your email and news feed daily.

• Attend the weekly Blackboard sessions and be prepared to engage in learning, formative assessment and benefit from the teaching process.
• Submit assignments as completed so you can engage formatively with your teacher to help you bump up your understanding.
• Pay attention to posted deadlines so you can plan your academic program.



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Palliser Beyond Borders is truly all about choice. For our high school students, our online programs provide more choice than they might have in their schools alone. Beyond offering more diverse courses, there is also simply the choice for our students to work independently and on their own schedule, while still having the benefit of our excellent teachers.

Superintendent, The Palliser School Division

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