Spring Break March 25- April 4, 2016 for Palliser Beyond Borders - staff not available

Greetings Palliser Beyond Borders Students

This is a friendly reminder that Spring Break is from March 25th - April 3rd. Although staff are not available you are welcome to continue working on your moodle courses.  Be sure you are on track to complete your course by the end of the semester.

Our  goal is to empower you in your learning and assess in a meaningful and effective manner.  Your role is to manage your time wisely, identify ways you learn best and reach to demonstrate your understanding.If you need help or additional support, please contact your teacher.Have a safe and productive break.

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Palliser Beyond Borders is truly all about choice. For our high school students, our online programs provide more choice than they might have in their schools alone. Beyond offering more diverse courses, there is also simply the choice for our students to work independently and on their own schedule, while still having the benefit of our excellent teachers.

Superintendent, The Palliser School Division

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