Semester 2 welcome to students from your Palliser Beyond Borders Principal

Welcome From Palliser Beyond Borders Principal:

Welcome to students who are joining us this week. Please take a moment to read the messages posted and pinned on your news feed on your Moodle landing page. You are expected to connect with your teacher this week if you are in a new to a course and determine when you can check in weekly with your teacher. Blackboard sessions continue this week. Please refer to the schedule on your dashboard to determine when you can meet your teacher.

Our goal is to empower all our students in all grades and courses in learning and assessment in a meaningful and effective manner.  We have noticed that students are raising their level of performance and demonstrating deep understanding of learning concepts with creativity.

Successful students have a strong learning and teaching relationship with their teachers

• They know their teachers and how to communicate with them.

• They attend the Blackboard Collaborate Study Halls each week to ensure they are on track, get help with learning,and schedule exams.If you are not attending Blackboard Study Halls please refer to this schedule and attend. Remember,we have Tuesday nights staffed online to help those of you with full daytime schedules. See the schedule on the Moodle dashboard. 

We believe that students who follow these tips will be successful online learners: 

  • The student role is to manage time wisely, identify ways you learn best and reach to demonstrate your understanding.

  • Calculate how many weeks left before you must finish the course and divide up by weeks what you have left to complete in your course.

  • Commit to the schedule.

  • Check your email and news feed daily.  

  • Attend the weekly Blackboard sessions and be prepared to engage in learning, formative assessment and benefit from the teaching process.

  • Submit assignments as completed so you can engage formatively with your teacher to help you bump up your understanding.

  • Pay attention to posted deadlines so you can plan your academic program

  • Understand that the learning and teaching process consists of 6 stages as illustrated in the diagram

Our goal is to help you academically succeed. Please get to know your teacher and if you need help or additional support, please reach out to us.

Best regards,

Alison Hancox, MET


Palliser Beyond Borders

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We are very happy with our decision and would recommend this option to anyone. I have seen him come out of his shell and be eager to contribute to classroom conversations and activities.

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