Planning to write an April diploma - see these deadlines

Students: Please ensure you state your intentions to write a diploma in April. Follow these steps and note these deadline dates:

  1. Declare your intentions to complete a diploma course:  Please complete this form and update as necessary. This form is also linked in your diploma course. Our deadline to register you for April diplomas is February 8th. YOu must state your intention before that date for April. All your course work must be completed by March 22, 2017.

  2. Confirm with your teacher and  if you require accommodations. Our deadline to apply to Alberta Education is February 27, 2017 for April diplomas. You must use accommodations during your course for us to demonstrate the need to request accommodations. Please discuss this with your teacher. 

  3. Please Note: February 22, 2017 is the deadline for students to self-register for rewrites and pay fees for the April Diplomas. We can not register you. 




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From taking the CALM 20 course online through Palliser Beyond Borders. I have learned an indescribable amount of content! Through taking this course by this method I have had the opportunity of gaining a greater perspective. I have come to understand that everyone learns differently. This is why to many students this course is perfect.

Torrie, Grade 12

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