Palliser Beyond Borders concurrent student survey

Concurrent students are encouraged to complete the concurrent student survey

A concurrent student is one who is currently registered in a Palliser Regional School high school and Palliser Beyond Borders or an Outreach School.

Please respond to this survey from your experience with Palliser Beyond Borders or your Outreach School not the high school you are enrolled in. If you have completed one then there is no need to respond. We encourage you to respond and give us feedback that will help us improve our services to you. 

Deadline May 10, 2017

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Again thank you so much for everything, because if it wasn't for great teachers like you, I wouldn't have enjoyed school as much, and I probably wouldn't have discovered what I am truly passionate about. It's the teachers who have a connection with their students and share their passion are the ones who influence those around them the most. Thanks to the help from you and from my regular teachers in school, I was able to come out as a Most Improved Student and as a Top Performer in Social Studies 30-2. It goes to show what having good teachers and good programs can do!

Morgan, 12

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