November /December 2016 newsletter

Students, parents and Palliser colleagues: Please find the November/December 2016 newsletter released. This issue includes information about:

  • Registration
  • New online courses now available
  • Choosing completion dates throughout the school year
  • January Diplomas
  • Important dates
  • Exam protocol
  • The school calendar (which differs from other schools​)
  • The Blackboard timetable.

Notes from your Palliser Beyond Borders Principal


Are you doing your courses or understanding & showing your learning?  

Students: As of November 15 there are 35 more days for students to submit their assignments in Diploma courses if students plan to write in the January exam period. All assignments must be submitted for assessment by December 21, 2016 for January diploma writing. Why? 

  • Diplomas start January 13 and we return from winter break on January 9.
  • This gives teachers the time to assess your work for understanding and give back to you to bump up your understanding.
  • This gives you the winter break to review your learning and prepare for your diploma
  • This gives you the opportunity to join the review sessions planned in January after the winter break so that your focus is on successful review rather than new learning. It is time for you to synthesize your understanding so you are prepared for the diploma exam. 

Diploma review session information is posted in your diploma course and also on our website under the Current Students tab. 

For All Students: At Palliser Beyond Borders we are proud of our students who focus on sharing their understanding of learning concepts with their teachers. When students are engaged in showing their learning, rather than simply saying “I did that assignment,” students understand that formative assessment gives them the opportunity to bump up their level of performance and ultimately, their marks. 

As you work to complete your courses replace the inner voice that says “I have to get this done” with: 

“How can I show my understanding and learning?” 

As always, please speak to your teacher or drop in to our Blackboard study hall to get help with your learning 

Best Regards,

Alison Hancox, MET. Principal, Palliser Beyond Borders

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The Director's award recipient: in conjunction with the high school, we have a very successful drama program where students can gain experience and high school credit in drama and technical theatre. This award recognizes a student who who best fulfills the following characteristics: has a high academic standing in drama; demonstrates a passion for drama which is expressed through an excellent attitude to drama practice and performance; shows enthusiasm for drama which positively impacts other students in their class and the wider school community; shows positive leadership during drama work; has good or excellent learning skills in all areas.

Mrs. Porath, Teacher

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