Have you connected with your teacher? Make it a priority to be an active student.

Dear Students: Please be sure that you connect with your teacher in your Moodle course as soon as you are given access. It is important that your teacher knows you have been released your course after GO and you are ready to start. If you let time go by, our research tell us that this affects completion in a negative way. 

Make it a priority, please. Be an active online student! What does an active student look like:

  • replies to moodle messages
  • reads school announcements on dashboard and school newsletters
  • replies to teacher announcements on discussion forums
  • reads emails daily and replies to teacher emails, texts, calls
  • logs into Blackboard sessions at scheduled times or books Blackboard times with teacher during open office times
  • logs into Moodle course regularly and hands in assignments according to your work plan.
  • contacts teachers as soon as you run into something you need help with.

If you are added to a course and there is no activity, no assignments submitted within the first month, and no contact, I will withdraw you from the course. You will be required to re-apply to register if you want access to your course at a later date. I want teachers working with active students and not chasing inactive ones. 

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It's a very dynamic course that provides a large assortment of different forms of creative assignments so students can complete different kinds of work, which causes the course to be much more interesting.

Torrie, Grade 12

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