Outstanding Student Exemplars

Students are encouraged to demonstrate thier learning in creative and novel ways. See this example from English 20-1 where RM shows us her understanding of key concepts from the novel the Life of Pi. Thanks for agreeing to share with us RM so others can see and example of learning at the standard of excellence. There is a brief except below or click the blue link to see the whole assignments and other pieces of levely art.

How do you study and learn Shakespeare? See how Danica does it!

Mr. Harrison, our English and Social Studies master.

Mr. Harrison, our English and Social Studies master.

Celebrating Danica and her teacher, Keith Harrison and William Shakespeare! Check out this video: Do you have fun learning about Shakespeare? At Palliser Beyond Borders, WE DO!!

Danica, a current student and an alumni, put together this character study video, analyzing the character of the Ghost of King Hamlet in the form of a talk show. See how she shows Mr. Harrison she gets Willy Shakespeare!

From Mr. Harrison:

"Students at Palliser Beyond Borders create audio and visual projects as part of their Grade 12 English course. Danica , with help from her sister, created this video of a talk show host interviewing the ghost of King Hamlet. In addition to being quite entertaining, it is a great example of creativity and of students bringing something new to Shakespeare. I am sure the Bard would be proud."

See all, especially at 59 seconds


English 20-1

This painting represents Piscine Patel, the main character from the novel Life of Pi. The rainbow slash in the middle symbolizes how Pi sees religion in everything, for example, when Pi had just finished praying with Mr. Kumar and had left the bakery on his bike and he went to where the land was high (I’m guessing that means a hill) and he could see the sea, then he said that this was a place where Atman and Allah met. The brown area represents the family that Pi had lost. I put the red sphere in the middle top of the brown spot to represent the bindi that would have been drawn on Pi’s mother’s forehead in sindoor. The blue uneven area represents the significance of water in Pi’s life, I added the crimson streaks within the blue area to represent Pi’s very traumatic experience being stranded in the lifeboat in the middle of the ocean with Richard Parker. The white area with the golden sparkles represents Pi’s fascination with religion and the orange area surrounding it represents his connection between the colour orange and hope, survival, and spiritual peace. The grey area represents the zoo and Pi’s school and the general concrete coldness of the people from both of those places I put black in the left top corner to represent the darkness that’s in all of us, but I felt as though I could not leave it as just black because Pi’s darkest self still has some light shining through, so I after I painted the rainbow I went over the black area with the dirty brush to represent that light. I chose to paint a painting to represent Pi because he is the main character in the novel. RM 2016

I would never have made it this far without the support of the outreach community and everyone who has been a part of the community. 

Travis, 12

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