Summer School

2022 Summer School Registration is now closed


Summer School: July 4th - 29th, 2022

  • Summer School Course Schedule: July 4th - July 29th, 2022
  • Summer School Exams (non-Diploma): July 29th, 2022


  • Registration and fee payment information will be emailed to students upon acceptance.
  • Registration form and fees must be received within 48 hours of acceptance or we will move to the next person on the summer waitlist.

Additional details summarized on this document (including a course request form).

Summer Schedule

Appointments may be scheduled with teachers according to this schedule. (Click the link to open the document below)

Summer School 2022 Schedule

  • Students MUST commit to being available to meet with teachers for formal synchronous instruction 9am - NOON PLUS an additional 3 hours every week day to work at your own pace. Teachers are available for open office hours in Blackboard to support students who require additional flexibility from 1 - 3:30pm.
  • Morning synchronous instruction will be worth your while! Online synchronous classes will replace some assignments and instruction from the Moodle based course, which will reduce the amount of independent learning and ensure students are successfully completing. Research demonstrates that students complete with high levels of performance when in regular contact with their teacher. 
  • Our summer courses will be offered from July 4th - 19th 2022 with a mandatory online meeting on July 4th at 9 am. Failure to attend this online meeting will risk forfeiting online access. 


Summer School Contact information and booking appointments

Appointments may be scheduled with teachers Monday - Friday.

Blackboard Monday - Friday 9:00 am - noon. Online classroom link found in the Moodle course.

Jacob Fraser (

Acting Principal & GO/CALM/PE 10


Torri Airhart (

Social Studies 10-1

Social Studies 10-2

Social Studies 30-1

Social Studies 30-2


Jenny Yuen (

Math 10C

Math 20-2

Science 10


Chris Klassen (

Chemistry 20

Chemistry 30

Math 30-1

Math 30-2


Karly Tarney (

English 20-2

English 30-1

English 30-2


James Tiberio (

Biology 20

Biology 30

Math 20-1

Physics 20

Physics 30

Science 20


Alison Laidlaw (

Social Studies 20-1

Social Studies 20-2


Kennedy Gurski (

English 10-1

English 10-2

English 20-1


Carley Campbell (

Summer School Administrative Assistant


Summer School transcript information

Summer marks and credits will submitted to Alberta Education in August. You can check Mypass to ensure your credits are showing on your transcripts. 

Don't know your (ASN) Alberta student number? 


Summer School Fees

Please note: All Fees are to be paid online through SchoolCash Online - a service fee is applied by the carrier

Palliser High School Students  
Registration $25.00


Non Palliser Student Fees  
Registration $25.00
3 credit course $50.00
5 credit course $100.00


Adult Fees  
Registration  $25.00
3 credit course $350.00
5 credit course $600.00


International Student Fees  
Registration $25.00
3 credit course $675.00
5 credit course $1,125.00


Thank You for the feedback! I really appreciate it! It has given me a lot of thought on moving forward in my strong areas. I have learned more than I ever expected in this course and through your comments, it has helped me really grow and come to love sketching and exploring again. Thank you for all of this :) 

Art Student, 12

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