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See these examples which illustrate how the teachers refer to the online course and enhance student learning with online, live instruction

How it works

Palliser Beyond Borders offers a variety of courses to students who want to learn online. Below are sample courses which allows you to see how Palliser Beyond Borders students learn online. All courses include an asynchronous format which students complete in their own time, as well as synchronous formats for virtual live instruction, as illustrated above in the Blackboard Collaborate video.

Palliser Beyond Borders offers online courses which focus on the following elements:

  • Courses can be completed in the asynchronous format if necessary (moodle courses are in the asynchronous format as stand alone courses) and meet the Alberta Program of Studies
  • Courses are enhanced with synchronous or live instruction in a Blackboard Collaborate format. Students can schedule live sessions with their teachers or join open office or scheduled live instruction classes.
  • If students are unable to attend a Blackboard-live (Bb-Live) session a recording will be embedded in the moodle course and linked to the course workplan.

Learning Online with 24/7 access to web based learning materials

View a sample course to see how international students learn online.

Getting Online (GO course) - Click on the link and login as a guest (way at the bottom) and use the password PBB

Live and Recorded Instruction

Research and our student completion data tell us that students’ level of achievement and completion rates are dramatically improved when they participate in live instructional sessions with their teachers. This keeps student focussed on “attending to their learning.” Registration in an online course requires that students work on their moodle courses which are available 24/7 to students. In addition students are required to attend check ins with each subject teacher. In the live checkins teachers will provide focus for the week, instruction on key skills and respond to specific questions about course material. 

A schedule will be built for cohorts of international students to accomodate the time difference. 

Sample ESL instruction


Sample Math Instruction in Math 10C

Sample Science 20 Instruction - reviewing the Atomic Theory

Sample Social Studies 20-1 Review for final exam and test taking strategies


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Sample workplan with embedded instructional recordings

This workplan illustrates how recorded lessons are embedded into the course work plan. Students who are unable to attend live can attend the recording of teacher instructions and reviews. 

Palliser’s DiscoverU Student Leadership Conference: Students found themselves, more often than not, free to explore the realm of self-directed learning. While the idea of students learning without formal direction may startle some, Alison’s approach works wonders for students looking to motivate themselves and get more out of each opportunity to learn.

Andrew, 12

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