Homestay Experience

Student Homestay Experience

Experience shows that the best way to learn English and Canadian culture is to experience interactions in all aspects of daily life. This is why your homestay experience is an important part of your participation in the Palliser International Student Program. By living with a Canadian homestay family in our community, you’ll gain a more thorough understanding of Canadian culture and the English language.

What to Expect from your Palliser Homestay Family

Families in Alberta are very diverse. Some homestay families have two parents with children, some have no children, and others have only one parent. What all homestay families have in common is that they are carefully chosen and screened prior to their participation in the homestay program.

Your homestay host family is participating in the program because they want to meet someone from another country. They will welcome you into their home as though you were their own child and will be happy to show you interesting places, introduce you to their family and friends, and share their favourite activities with you.

Many families enjoy doing things activities together. In summer they may travel, hike, swim, and have social times together. In winter many families ski, skate, watch movies, or attend various concerts and sports events. Your Palliser homestay family will treat you as one of their own family members, and you will have the same responsibilities as every other member of the family. This will include doing your share of household chores and respecting the rules of your new family.

To learn more or arrange for your homestay host family, please contact us.

From taking the CALM 20 course online through Palliser Beyond Borders. I have learned an indescribable amount of content! Through taking this course by this method I have had the opportunity of gaining a greater perspective. I have come to understand that everyone learns differently. This is why to many students this course is perfect.

Torrie, student, grade 12

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