Frequently Asked Questions

  • Here are some frequently asked questions about students from other countries who want to attend school in Palliser Regional Schools.

  • How much does it cost to study in Canada in a Palliser school?

    Please see our fee schedule. In addition to tuition, homestay and medical insurance and other fees, students studying in Canada will need an allowance of $100 to $250 per month as spending money. Remember, it is up to the student to meet all other costs related to studying in Canada (such as school books, supplies, field trips and other activities).

  • What are the academic requirements for students with Palliser Regional Schools?

    Students who apply to study in Canada with Palliser must have a high achieving academic record. As well, students must be able to show a long history of solid work habits and good attendance.

  • Can I start school any time throughout the year?

    Palliser high schools are run on a semester system. Students are accepted for a full year starting in September and half year starting in February. Applications to study in Canada for a partial year will be considered but are not guaranteed.

  • What is the application deadline for international students who want to attend school in Palliser?

    Palliser’s application deadline for international students is May 30th for September intake, and December 15th for February intake. Late applications will be considered, however early application is strongly encouraged if homestay arrangements are required as space is limited.

  • How long does it take to receive a Letter of Acceptance?

    You can expect it to take 2-3 weeks to process your completed application. You are encouraged to contact the International Student Program Co-ordinator by email to check on the status of your application.

  • How will a school be chosen for my child?

    A thorough matching process of the student’s desired location and the school’s availability will determine which of the Palliser Regional Schools your child will attend. Homestay and transportation needs will also be considered.

  • Into what grade will my child be placed?

    It is a practice of Palliser Regional Schools to place students in age-appropriate classrooms. In all cases, arrangements are made to do what is best for the student in order to create a successful learning environment.

  • Can Palliser Regional Schools arrange a homestay for my child?

    Yes. If your child is between the ages of 15 and 19, complete the homestay application form and submit it with the homestay placement fee. You will need to complete the custodianship declaration, have it notarized, and then submit it with your homestay placement fee and your homestay application.  It is important to inform Palliser that you would like to have a homestay for your child in your initial application.

  • How are homestay families selected?

    All homestay host families are required to provide a criminal records check for all adults living in the home, aged of 16 or older. Families also go through a screening interview and a homestay inspection. Homestay host families must provide a private bedroom and study area for international students. All families selected to be a part of Palliser’s Homestay Program are eager to include an international student in their lives and will include them in family activities and will support their educational growth.

  • What if problems arise?

    Every effort will be made to work out problems that develop between a student and the school or homestay family. Most challenges occur because of a lack of communication. Misunderstandings are quickly resolved when all parties are brought together. In the event that conflict cannot be resolved, another suitable homestay will be found for the student, as soon as possible. As part of your orientation package, you and your child will be provided contact information to access help if a problem is encountered.

  • Who do I pay for my monthly homestay fees?

    Payment for homestay is made to the school board of Palliser Regional Schools at the beginning of the year. The school board then makes payment to the homestay host families.

  • Why does my child need a custodian?

    All children studying in Alberta are required to have a custodian. Palliser requires that all students up to the age of 19 have the International Student Program Co-ordinator appointed as custodian using the Custodianship Declaration found on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

  • What are the responsibilities of a custodian?

    The custodian acts as the parent to the child. In the event of medical emergencies, the custodian can authorize treatment. There is a cost of $50 to have the Custodianship Declaration papers notarized. Custodianship is required by the Embassy in order to issue the study visa.

  • How do I arrange for a study permit?

    Study permits are applied for through Citizenship and Immigration Canada.  Be sure to select the correct information for your country. If you have difficulties obtaining a study permit before the application deadline, please contact the International Student Program Co-ordinator to make alternate arrangements. The student may have to delay their arrival until the next semester if a permit cannot be secured before the beginning of the school year. Every effort will be made to accommodate the student’s international education as soon as possible.

  • When are international students expected to arrive in Canada?

    Students should arrive 5 days prior to the start of school. If arriving more than five days before school commences, additional medical insurance and homestay costs will need to be paid.

  • Are there procedures my child must follow when they arrive in Canada?

    Yes. After a successful application is made and travel arrangements have been secured, notify the International Student Program Co-ordinator, in English, by email of the confirmed travel arrangements including flight number, and date and time of arrival. The homestay host family will pick up the student at the Calgary International Airport. The student will be taken home and arrangements for an orientation will be made.

  • When are the vacation times for international students?

    Palliser students do not attend school in July and August. They also have a two-week Christmas break, one week off in February following the Family Day holiday, and time off at Easter.

  • Can international students travel by themselves to different cities on vacation?

    No. Students need to be accompanied by an adult above 25 years of age. Permission for travel must be obtained from the student’s parents and from Palliser Regional Schools for travel out of province with the homestay family. Homestay host families need to notify the International Student Program Co-ordinator when travelling with the international student.

  • What types of clothing do students wear in Palliser Regional Schools?

    Each Palliser school would have its own dress code expectations, and in a few schools, a uniform is required. Generally, students need to be prepared for weather extremes. Visitors in fall and winter may experience snow and cold of -20 C. Spring and summer may bring temperatures of 25 C.

  • What do I do if I have more questions?

    If you have any other questions, please email us. We'd love to hear from you.

Despite these challenges, my teachers at Palliser supported me and helped me reach so many of my goals. They taught me that all my weaknesses were strengths and i truly had potential to follow my passions, even if the road was long and hard. There were so many moments where i considered dropping out again and when I went to talk to Ms. Kramer about this, she told me that she would do everything in her power to keep me going.

Mahnoor, 12

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