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Students from Brazil made a stop at the Town of Vulcan, which is known for its celebrations of all things Star Trek.

Students from Brazil made a stop at the Town of Vulcan, which is known for its celebrations of all things Star Trek.

Palliser Regional Schools International Program offers full educational ESL learning at select schools in the Province of Alberta. International students come to Canada from around the world to experience this remarkable world class learning opportunity, set against the beauty and diversity of southern Alberta.

Upon arrival, international students are placed with homestay host families where they will experience a home environment in vibrant family-oriented communities. Our safe and caring schools are the centre of these communities and excel in offering a wide range of cultural and recreational opportunities. Under the caring guidance of their homestay family, school peers, and Palliser staff, international students experience Canadian culture through daily personal interactions as well as the school curriculum.

Whether students are coming to Palliser Regional Schools from across town or across the globe, our focus is on the individual student, so class sizes are smaller than you may find in other school districts. Our expertise in ESL learning and literacy, and the high expectations we hold for students and staff help produce some of the best academic results in the province. Our stakeholders routinely report high satisfaction with our safe learning environments, high quality ESL learning options and outstanding student achievement.

When working toward meeting learning outcomes, logistics play an important role. Once again Alison’s background in technology based education shows her mastery of the technical skills needed to help students achieve their goals. While working on the leadership conference alongside Alison, it was no challenge to understand what my role was or how I was to undertake my next responsibility. With detailed emails, organized Google Hangout sessions, scheduled meetings, and clear deadlines for deliverables, each and every student was equipped with the resources to ensure they could accomplish the work the needed.

Andrew, 12

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