Supplemental Funding for Parents

How to submit receipts for reimbursements



    1. You may claim up to $850 per child for expenses to support your child’s learning in the 2020-2021 school year. If you incurred the cost in the summer months prior to this year, this is acceptable.
    2. Receipts - tape them on to a piece of paper.
    3. Write for each receipt who the expense is for and for what purpose. Ie Alison’s language arts program
    4. Items that meet the requirements of the home education plan and any discussions we have had regarding resources can be reimbursed. If I have any questions, with Elvira or I will be in touch for clarification. Give us as much detail as you can. 
    5. Either scan to create a pdf or take a picture (please send a clear copy) and upload to the google form
    6. Please submit one request for reimbursement and maximize your receipts to submit for $850 with one request. 
    7. If the receipts total more than $850 don’t worry. We will reimburse up to the maximum. 
    8. In fact try to submit receipts that total $850 in your submission. 
    9. The form is made available in our Home Education Google classroom, made available one a student is registered. 
    10. Please keep your original receipts in a folder. Palliser can be audited and we may be called upon to provide original receipts. 
    11. Palliser does a cheque run twice a month - mid month and end of month. Your reimbursements will be processed once the approvals are sent to Palliser by Alison and Elvira. If approvals are received by palliser the Wednesday before a cheque run reimbursements can be made. Otherwise it will be the following cheque run.
    12. Reimbursements can be sent by cheque or electronic transfer. The instructions for electronic payment are included on the form. 
    13. Requests must be received by June 1 each year.
    14. If students were registered after September 30 reimbursements are not available.

The Director's award recipient: in conjunction with the high school, we have a very successful drama program where students can gain experience and high school credit in drama and technical theatre. This award recognizes a student who who best fulfills the following characteristics: has a high academic standing in drama; demonstrates a passion for drama which is expressed through an excellent attitude to drama practice and performance; shows enthusiasm for drama which positively impacts other students in their class and the wider school community; shows positive leadership during drama work; has good or excellent learning skills in all areas.

Mrs. Porath, Teacher

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