Home Education Registration/Open Houses

New Students: To register submit a PowerSchool enrollment which includes a digital declaration of intent to home educate. Palliser Registration is here https://www.pallisersd.ab.ca/​ Select Palliser home education as the school. ​You must create an account if you have not registered before. 

    • Choose Palliser Home Education. By choosing this school you will complete the parent home education declaration, required for home education registrations. 
    • These questions will be asked in the PowerSchool enrollment: the Home Education Notification form (Question 11 asks for your resident board. This refers to the board in your geographical region of the province.) 
  • Returning Students: parents will complete a return registration in PowerSchool Enrollment based on your previous year's enrollment at Palliser. This is your opportunity to update any demographic and contact information. our Administrative Assistant, Elvira.Pagsanghan@pallisersd.ab.ca will send an email to you with a verification code to allow you to log into our Powerschool portal for returning students.  

After September 30 you must find a willing non-resident board and request a rescue registration (which means no funding is available to the board, nor you) or register with your own local jurisdiction. No funding is available to you with your local board either, after September 30.

I would never have made it this far without the support of the outreach community and everyone who has been a part of the community. 

Travis, 12

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