Completing high school credits as a home education student.

The home education notification form (page 35) asks parents to acknowledge the following:Parents who provide home education programs acknowledge that there are implications when they choose to use programs different from the Alberta Programs of Study:

  1. Students may not apply to a high school principal for high school credits.
  2. Students may not receive an Alberta High School Diploma.

Palliser will support parents and students who wish to learn how to implement a high school program eligible for Alberta high school credits. 

This option described below does not describe a teacher directed home based learning option available through online studies. This option describes a parent-directed home education route which will permit the student to demonstrate an understanding of the Alberta Program of Studies learning outcomes for the courses in which a student seeks credit. 

This will require:

  • long term commitment 
  • long term relationship building between the Palliser teacher and the family, including parents and student
  • trust and open communication
  • collaboration between student, parent and Palliser teacher who will guide the process
  • a long term commitment to design an education plan that will ensure prerequisite learning, skills and evidence of assessment are in place moving into the grade 12 year.
  • The ability for the parent and student to track and provide evidence of understanding the learning outcomes. 
  • a long term commitment to align with the Alberta Program of Studies 
  • the ability for the student and parent to direct a student's learning
  • the ability to choose learning resources which will uncover the learning outcomes prescribed by the Alberta program of Study. Assessment will be administered through a variety of measures as part of the home education process established to meet the regulation requirements. 

The home education handbook (page 32) outlines the regulations for high school credit eligibility: 

High school credit eligibility

On the recommendation of a school principal, a student receiving a home education program that follows the Alberta Programs of Study is eligible to receive high school credits if the student achieves the course standards and outcomes prescribed by the Minister.

How does a student show levels of performance and that they have addressed the learning outcomes in courses they wish to earn credit: 

  • summative portfolio assessment can contribute to a school awarded mark.
  • summative assessments determined in conjunction with the Palliser teacher. All formative assessments are part of the parent and student home education responsibility.
  • Grades are awarded based on summative assessments.
  • As per the regulation: Any student in a home education program may write a high school diploma examination. However the diploma examination mark achieved will stand alone and will not result in a final course mark unless accompanied by a recommendation for credit by a high school principal. A final course mark requires both a school awarded mark and a diploma examination mark. Arrangements to write diploma examinations should be made well in advance of the writing date by contacting the associate school board or associate private school for assistance or Learner Assessment Branch at 780-427-0010.
  • If the student is an adult, over 18, students can earn credit by challenging the diploma exam and do not require a course mark in those courses that have diploma exams. 

Sample portfolio template and rubric

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