Summer School July 2 - July 30, 2021

Summer School July 2 - July 30, 2021

Request form for Summer School 2021 has now closed.


Summer School: July 2 - 30, 2021

  • Summer School Course Schedule: July 2 - July 28, 2021 
  • Summer School Exams: July 29 - 30



  • Registration and fee payment information will be emailed to students upon acceptance.
  • Registration form and fees must be received within 48 hours of acceptance or we will move to the next person on the summer waitlist.

Additional details summarized on this document

Summer Schedule

Summer School Schedule

Summer School Schedule

Appointments may be scheduled with teachers according to this schedule. (Click the link to open the document below)

Summer School 2021 Schedule

  • Students MUST commit to being available to meet with teachers for formal synchronous instruction 9am - NOON PLUS an additional 3 hours every week day to work at your own pace. Teachers are available for open office hours in Blackboard to support students who require additional flexibility from 1 - 3:30pm.
  • Morning synchronous instruction will be worth your while! Online synchronous classes will replace some assignments and instruction from the Moodle based course, which will reduce the amount of independent learning and ensure students are successfully completing. Research demonstrates that students complete with high levels of performance when in regular contact with their teacher. This is designed to replicate the face to face model that would be otherwise be offered in a non-covid era. 
  • Our summer courses will be offered from July 2 - 30 2021 with a mandatory online meeting on July 2nd at 9 am. Failure to attend this online meeting will risk forfeiting online access. 


Details for synchronous instruction by course:


Exams and Diplomas

Diploma covid response

Diploma covid response

Diploma exams

Students and their families can choose whether to write an exam or receive an exemption for August 2021 exams. 

Learn more about writing diploma exams this year.

Summer School Contact information and booking appointments

Appointments may be scheduled with teachers Monday - Friday.

Blackboard Monday - Friday 9:00 am - noon. Online classroom link found in the Moodle course.



English 30-1-2:  Teacher: TBA

English 20-1-2: Teacher: TBA

English 10 -1-2: Teacher: TBA

Social 30 - 1-2: Teacher: TBA

Social 20-1-2 and Social 10-1-2: Teacher: TBA



Stephanie Krammer (Summer School Acting Principal)




CALM -Teacher: TBA



Math 10-2, 10C, 20-1-1: Teacher: TBA

Math 30-1-2: Teacher: TBA

Science 10/20 -Teacher: TBA

Science 30: Teacher: TBA

Bio 20/30: Teacher: TBA

Chemistry 20/30:Teacher: TBA

Physics 20/30:Teacher: TBA



Summer Administrative Assistant:



Summer School transcript information

Our fall registration opens on August 31. Your summer marks will submitted to Alberta Education in August. You can check Mypass to ensure your credits are showing on your transcripts. 

Don't know your (ASN) Alberta student number? 


Summer School Fees

Palliser High School Students  
Registration Fee $25.50
1 credit course $20.50
3 credit course $46.90
5 credit course $76.50


Non Palliser Student Fees  
Registration Fee $25.50
1 credit $51.00
3 credit $102.00
5 credit course $153.00
GO - Getting Online orientation - 5 credit $102.00


Registration Fee $25.50
1 credit $123.00
3 credit $367.20
5 credit course $612.00
GO - Getting Online orientation for 5 CTS credits $102.00
GO - Getting Online orientation for no credit $51.00


International Summer School Fees  
Registration Fee $ 25.50
1 credit course $ 224.50
3 credit course $ 673.50
5 credit course $ 1,122.00

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