Summer School July 2 - July 31, 2020

Summer school registration opens May 5 until June 15 - Palliser and non-Palliser Students Welcome to Apply NOW

Summer School registration for Summer 2020 will be open on May 5 - June 15.

  • Students who are going away on holidays and not able to attend on a daily basis will not be accepted. 
  • Adequate internet access is required (mobile access is not considered adequate).
  • Notification of approval won't be granted until June 15, 2020. If you require assistance to complete this form please contact:  
  • Students can request the orientation course plus up to 5 credits.

Details summarized on this document

Submit this inquiry to seek approval to register.

Summer School: July 2 - 31, 2020

  • Summer School Course Schedule: July 2 - July 29, 2020 
  • Summer School Exams: July 30 - 31

Registrations Dates

  • May 5 - June 15: Palliser students only. Palliser students are asked to register May 5 - 20 so we can accommodate Palliser requests first.
  • May 21- June 15: Non - Palliser registrations are accepted. 
  • Summer school registration closes June 15

Registration does not qualify as automatic acceptance. Based on student demand and teacher availability summer school registrations will be reviewed and students will be advised if we can accommodate the request. Please complete the request to register sooner rather than later.

  • Decisions for acceptance could take as long as June 15, 2020 and the week after. Early access will be granted as soon as we can after this date. Palliser students will not receive early access until after classes are finished at their primary high schools. 
  • Our summer registration will be limited and capped this year and courses offered will be determined by student demand and teacher availability. We will try to accommodate as many students and courses as possible.
  • Students currently in online courses with Palliser Beyond Borders must finish their current course online before being accepted for summer school. Current students will not have extensions granted into summer school. All courses must be completed by the following deadlines as posted:
    • Diploma courses - June 9
    • Non - diploma courses - June 22

Summer Schedule

Appointments may be scheduled with teachers according to this schedule. (Click the link to open the pdf below)

Summer School 2020 Schedule

  • Students MUST commit to being available to meet with teachers for formal instruction 9am - NOON PLUS an additional 3 hours every week day. Teachers will be offering afternoon & evening open office hours in Blackboard to support students who require additional flexibility. Students are reminded that one summer school day is EQUAL to ONE week of instruction for a regular academic year. The summer school schedule details are posted here.
  • Morning synchronous instruction will be worth your while! Online synchronous classes will replace some assignments and instruction from the Moodle based course, which will reduce the amount of independent learning and ensure students are successfully completing. Research demonstrates that students complete with high levels of performance when in regular contact with their teacher. This is designed to replicate the face to face model that would be otherwise be offered in a non-covid era. 
  • Our summer courses will be offered from July 2-31 2020 with a mandatory online meeting on July 2nd at 9 am. Failure to attend this online meeting will risk forfeiting online access. 

Summer Courses Offered

The Getting Online orientation course must be completed by July 2, 2020. You must request this if you have not taken it before.  The Getting online orientation course must be completed by July 2, 2020. Orientations will be held in June to ensure that students are prepared to start their summer course by July 2, 2020.

Depending on demand and teacher availability the courses below will be available for summer school.

  • Ensure all prerequisites have been successfully completed (you can verify on your Detailed Academic Record by visiting My PASS).
  • See High School requirements here:
  • If you are unable to log in to My PASS please contact to get credentials to log in so you don't have to wait for snail mail information to be sent to you.

Core Course - 5 Credit - (Depending on student demand and teacher availability)

  • Biology: 20
  • Chemistry: 20
  • English:  10-1, 10-2,  20-1, 20-2
  • Mathematics:  10C, , 20-1, 20-2
  • Physics: 20
  • Science: 10, 20
  • Social Studies: 10-1, 10-2, 20-1, 20-2

Depending on student demand and teacher availability, and approval from Alberta Education some 30 level courses may be offered:

  • English 30-1
  • English 30-2
  • Math 30-1
  • Math 30-2
  • Physics 30
  • Chemistry 30
  • Biology 30
  • Social 30-1
  • Social 30-2

Option Courses: 

  • CALM Bundle (Calm 20, CTR1010) 4 credit
  • CALM 20 only, 3 credit
  • HCS 3000 only
  • Getting Online (GO) 4 credit CTS course

Off-Campus  (To be approved by the Off-Campus Coordinator) Prior completion of HCS 3000 required.

  • Work Experience, RAP, Green Certificate

Exams and Diplomas

  • Final Exams and summative assessment will be done online. No face to face meetings or sittings will be held.  
  • If Alberta Education does require diploma exams for the 30 level diploma courses we will advise as soon as we know and register students. Students need to be prepared to write during the first two weeks in August. Please do not plan to travel during this time. 

Summer School Contact information and booking appointments

Appointments may be scheduled with teachers according to this schedule at the email, phone or Blackboard link listed below. (Click the link to open the pdf below)

2019 Summer Schedule

Blackboard Monday - Friday 9:00 am - noon at the link on the Moodle dashboard


Link to the online room: 

Available from the Moodle dashboard






Stephanie Krammer (Summer School Acting Principal)

587 433 4128






Administrative Assistant

Summer Administrative Assistant:



Summer School transcript information

Our fall registration opens on August 31. Your summer marks will submitted to Alberta Education in August. You can check Mypass to ensure your credits are showing on your transcripts. 

Don't know your (ASN) Alberta student number? 


Summer School Fees

Summer School Fees - Please note: payment online is charged a 2%fee. 


  • Palliser students - Register before June 1 and we will waive the registration fee. 


Registration Fee $25.00

1 credit course 

3 credit course  $45.00
5 credit course $75.00
Getting Online (GO) 4 credit orientation - if done in July (June crash courses no charge for Palliser students)
  • $50.00



  • Non-Palliser students


Registration Fee $25.00
1 credit $50.00
3 credit $100.00
5 credit course $150.00
GO - Getting Online orientation - 4 credit $100.00


  • International students in Alberta on valid student visa
Registration Fee $ 25.00
1 credit course $ 220.00
3 credit course $ 660.00
5 credit course $ 1,100.00



  • Adult Fees
Registration Fee $25.00
1 credit $120.00
3 credit $360.00
5 credit course $600.00
GO - Getting Online orientation for 4 CTS credits $100.00
GO - Getting Online orientation for no credit $50.00



Cool thanks! I really enjoyed the GO course.

Student message to teacher after receiving news of successful completion of our orientation course, 10

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