Network Outage August 31. Will affect some of our schools

Outage Window Start: Wednesday, August 31 00:01

Outage Window End: Wednesday, August 31 06:00

Outage Duration: 10 minutes
Services Affected: All external network resources will be affected (Internet, Email, Google Apps, Power School, etc).  Coalhurst Elementary, Coalhurst High, Noble Central School, Picture Butte High, Dorothy Dalgliesh, Picture Butte Outreach, Hunstville School and Sunnyside School will have no access to printers or H or U drives and may experience issues logging on to a computer during the outage.
Details: Upgrades are being done to Provider network infrastructure.
If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.
Thank you.

Simon Sorensen

Information Technology

Palliser Regional Schools

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About our most dedicated student who received the award in 2016: "This award goes to a student who spent a lot of days at the Outreach last summer and throughout this school year. Her thirst for knowledge is evident in all she does-athletics, academics, arts. She continually asks questions and pushes herself. She often inquires about concepts that are advanced beyond the curriculum. I know she will be a wonderful doctor someday!

Mrs. Porath, Teacher

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