Fentanyl Information Sheet from the Deputy Minister of Education, Dr. Clarke

As you may know there is a growing health crisis across Canada related to rising numbers of deaths associated with illicit Fentanyl. I have been told that many school authorities shared materials last year to help students and their families understand the risk of Fentanyl. However, despite our best efforts there continues to be a devastating impact on many Alberta families. Our government is committed to slowing the fatal progression of this drug and reducing the tragic loss of life through accidental overdose. 

Fentanyl is a pain reliever that is more potent than morphine. Illicit Fentanyl may be mixed with, or substituted for, heroin, prescription opiates or other street drugs to strengthen their potency. Substance users are at risk of overdosing when they unknowingly ingest drugs mixed with Fentanyl. 

The Government of Alberta knows the importance of informing students and parents of ways to avoid harm caused by the use of illicit drugs, in particular Fentanyl. I am asking for your support by sharing the attached Fentanyl Fact Sheet with junior high and high school students, parents and educators. The Fact Sheet provides information on the potential dangers of illicit Fentanyl and offers reliable information. The fact sheet is posted on the Alberta Health website.

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Curtis Clarke, PhD

Deputy Minister of Education


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