School Emergency

  • July 24, 2020 - In response to return to school plans for September 2020, Parents who are looking for alternatives have these choices available from Palliser Beyond Borders:

    • Home Education 1-12 

    • Home based online high school 

    • If enough interest: Home based grades 1-9 online  

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  • Alison Hancox, Principal

Plagiarism, Preventing It and AntiPlagiarism Software

What is Plagiarism?

1. How Well Do You Know Plagiarism? Online Quiz  

What does Plagiarism look like?

  • Refer to this infographic  and understand that plagiarism comes in many forms:

    • Copying word for word

    • Making vocabulary changes

    • Combining ideas from multiple sources and presenting as your own work

    • Using others’ ideas and not citing them

    • Citing sources in correct format that don’t exist

    • Citing sources but paraphrasing in language and structure that is almost  identical to the original

    • Learn more here:

What is the solution?

Academic Integrity: We want our students to demonstrate their understanding of a learning outcome. Ultimately a student who plagiarizes is not showing his or her best work or understanding of course material. We value academic rigour and honesty in our teaching and learning community and want our students to strive to achieve their very best.  Universities respect our academic integrity and trust that student demonstration of learning is their own and reflected accurately in grades.

Post secondary institutions take this violation very seriously and student discipline includes expulsion from the university. See this page at the University of Alberta Ultimately my goal is to stop this behaviour so that students learn how to confidently present his/her own understanding of learning in this course.

Are you sharing your work to help someone out?

  • Protect your academic integrity
  • Protect your intellectual property
  • Feel free to talk and explore ideas with your friends. Quote them in your essays but refrain from sharing docs. It questions your integrity as well if you do.


Information about SafeAssign used in Moodle to check student assignments

Safe Assign is plagiarism detection software perfectly suited for academic writing.

The technology scans texts of submitted papers comparing them to the Internet sources, open access repositories, journals, digital books, and documents in the teachers’ database.

Teachers use SafeAssign to maintain academic integrity and encourage independent writing. Students can use SafeAssign to ensure that their work is meeting academic standards.


From Blackboard Help


  • SafeAssign can only process files smaller than 10MB. If your submission is larger than 10MB, SafeAssign won't be able to process it.
  • If your instructor hasn't allowed multiple attempts, you may submit your assignment only once. Before you select Submit, be sure that you have attached any required files.

Thank You for the feedback! I really appreciate it! It has given me a lot of thought on moving forward in my strong areas. I have learned more than I ever expected in this course and through your comments, it has helped me really grow and come to love sketching and exploring again. Thank you for all of this :) 

Art Student, 12

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