AntiPlagiarism Software

Key Facts About Unicheck

Unicheck is plagiarism detection software perfectly suited for academic writing.

The technology scans texts of submitted papers comparing them to the Internet sources, open access repositories, journals, digital books, and documents in the teachers’ database.

Many teachers are already using Unicheck to maintain academic integrity and encourage independent writing. Unicheck’s new goal is to empower students in plagiarism prevention by allowing them to check their papers themselves. From now on, students are able to use Unicheck independently, to ensure authenticity and originality of every assignment they submit and to prevent academic failures.

Supportive Links

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How to Provide Feedback to Students (a video guide for teachers)

Submission Process for Students (a video guide for students)



About our most dedicated student who received the award in 2016: "This award goes to a student who spent a lot of days at the Outreach last summer and throughout this school year. Her thirst for knowledge is evident in all she does-athletics, academics, arts. She continually asks questions and pushes herself. She often inquires about concepts that are advanced beyond the curriculum. I know she will be a wonderful doctor someday!

Mrs. Porath, Teacher

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