The Teaching & Learning Process

Our  goal is to empower all our students in all grades and courses in their learning and assess in a meaningful and effective manner.  A student's role is to manage time wisely, identify ways you learn best and reach to demonstrate your understanding. Calculate the number of assignments you have left and divide up by weeks that you have left to complete in your course. Commit to the schedule.

We believe at Palliser Beyond Borders that there is a process of

  • instruction,
  • learning,
  • feedback and assessment,
  • opportunity for students to improve and
  • bump up understanding of concepts.

This process must happen before students complete summative assessments so students have every opportunity to enrich understanding before final assessments. For this reason we do not want students to expect that they can submit a whole course the night before an exam or diploma exam and accept that it is ok to “take the bad mark”. We feel bad if students don’t do well on exams and want to support every effort for students to demonstrate their very best understanding in our courses.

If students do not meet the deadline dates for completing courses  particularly for diploma courses, students must plan to write the diploma in the next cycle. We want you to have the review time you need after teacher assessment is complete to ensure you are ready for the summative assessment.

I have to admit that when I enrolled last September, I had thought the journey to today, would have been much more difficult and arduous than turned out to be the case.

John, 2018 Graduate, 12

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