Application Information and Contacts

How to Apply to Palliser Beyond Borders

The application process is processed using Permission Click, which uses industry leading SSL encryption to protect the privacy of your information.

Application for Palliser Beyond Borders is a two- or three-step process and typically takes 30 minutes depending on the number of courses you select. You will need to gather some required documentation before you begin the application process, which is listed in the online application. Please note that once you begin the application process, you can or cannot save your application to complete at a later time.

If you have any questions about the Palliser Beyond Borders application process, please contact one of our administrative assistants:

Palliser Beyond Borders at Vulcan 

Palliser Beyond Borders at Picture Butte 

Palliser Beyond Borders at Coaldale

Palliser Beyond Borders at Calgary

Students who can register online fall under one of five categories below:

How to Google Authenticate to gain access to your moodle courses

Click the image to read instructions or read below:

In your registration form below you will be asked to Google Authenicate. This links your palliser email to moodle, our learning management system that hosts your online course.

  • If you are a new student to Palliser you must have your account set up before you can authenticate.
  • The registration form will ask you if you have one. If you don't one will be set up and your credentials will be sent to the external email you have provided.
  • Once you have received your credentials you must go back and complete the google authenitication.
  • There will be a delay before your moodle courses are added

Once we have your authentication we can assign your courses to your account. 

Student at a Palliser High School

Students from Palliser Schools must co-ordinate their registration between their school and Palliser Beyond Borders by consulting with school principals/vice principals, or academic counsellors.

Registration is approved and submitted online  by one these school officials at your school.

Student at Palliser Beyond Border or Outreach & no other High School

Students under 20 years of age as of September 1 of the current school year and who attend one of our three Outreach sites in Vulcan, Picture Butte, Coaldale, or Palliser Beyond Borders, and no other high school in the division. Students in this group must arrange for an intake appointment at one of our sites prior to completing an online registration form. See contact information below. 

Alberta Student not in Palliser

Students under 20 years of age as of September 1 of the current school year and who do not attend a Palliser school, but are a resident of Alberta

Canadian Student outside Alberta

Students under 20 years of age as of September 1 of the current school year and  who are not residents of Alberta, but reside in Canada

Adult Student, Resident of Alberta

Students who are 20 years of age or older as of September 1 of the current school year and Alberta residents 

Contacts for registration at Palliser Beyond Borders and our Outreaches


Palliser Beyond Borders, Please email our registration desk or Phone: 403-485-6180

PBB @ Vulcan, to book an intake appointment please phone 403-485-6180

PBB @ Picture Butte, to book an intake appointment please phone 403-732-5810

PBB @ Coaldale, to book an intake appointment please phone 403-345-4421

PBB @ Calgary, to book an intake appointment please phone 403-291-0584


Student Moodle Account setup or troubleshooting, email or call 403-345-4421

Textbook Requests, email or call 403-732-5810

Special Needs Co-ordination and Individual Program Plans (IPPs), email or call 403-345-4421

Outreach School Locations

Palliser Beyond Borders oversees four outreach school sites, conveniently located in the communities of Coaldale, Picture Butte, Vulcan and Calgary.

1915 20 AVE 
Coaldale, AB T1M 1L8
Phone: 403-345-4421
Fax: 403-345-4451
Administrative Assistant: Kourtney Skipworth

334 Highway Avenue
Box 1280
Picture Butte, AB T0K 1V0
Phone: 403-732-5810
Fax: 403-732-5164
Administrative Assistant: Lola Mix

102B First Street South
Box 1149
Vulcan, AB T0L 0B0
Phone: 403-485-6180
Fax: 403-485-6196
Administrative Assistant: Shila Provost

Suite 120
2635 37 Avenue NE
Calgary, AB
T1Y 5Z6
phone: 403-291-0584
Fax: 403-291-1022
Administrative Assistant: Elvira Pagsanghan


Through online and international, we are giving more students an opportunity to learn from our outstanding teachers in our welcoming schools and communities.


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