Alberta Resident, Outside Palliser Student Application

International students in Alberta

We provide a vibrant online high school learning experience for international students studying in Canada on a Canadian student visa.

For students already approved to study in Alberta  are asked to contact us for registration details.

Students will be asked to gather the information below for submission with the application form:

- student visa

- One certified copy of your birth certificate or passport containing a photo

- a copy of your Alberta Detsailed Academic record which can be found at MyPass using your Alberta Student number.

Once the student registration is accepted, the student will be sent a link to complete the online course registration.

Our daughter actually said she loved PE, which we never thought we’d hear and that alone made the effort worth it. After receiving encouragement and after getting positive emails on her efforts, she feels positive about her physical education efforts. We hear often in our house how all teachers should be like Ms. Krammer and, truly, her father and I are in agreement.

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