Green Certificate (GC)

Students can earn Level I Technician Green Certificate

  • Issued by Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. This certification is highly regarded by employers in Alberta.
  • Earned by completing 3 courses to the specified standard in the agricultural production specialization. This is assessed through oral or written examination.
  • The student can also earn 16 credits toward the Alberta High School Diploma or the Certificate of High School Achievement.
  • The apprenticeship-style delivery ensures that a participant learns through actively performing the skills required.
  • The student (trainee) learns on the job, under the direction of experienced farm personnel (trainers) and under the supervision and administration of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development and Alberta Education.

The program consists of 9 specializations: 

  1. Bee Keeper Production
  2. Cow-Calf Beef Production
  3. Dairy Production
  4. Equine Technician
  5. Feedlot Beef Production
  6. Fields Crop Production
  7. Irrigated Field Crop Production
  8. Sheep Production
  9. Swing Production

COREQUISITE - CTR1210: Peronal Safety (Management), prior to or concurrent with the enrollment in the first Green Certificate Course.

The program is divided into 5 regions working in conjunction with Alberta’s agriculture colleges to facilitating the delivery of the Green Certificate Program, including interaction with the schools and training facilities within their regions.

  1. Lakeland College (North/East)
  2. Lakeland College (North Central/West)
  3. NAIT (Fairview Campus)
  4. Olds College
  5. Lethbridge Community College

Program of Studies

Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training - Updated Entrance Requirements

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Off Campus Coordinator

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