Dual Credit Programs with SAIT in Calgary

What is a Dual Credit program?

Students are concurrently enrolled in a post secondary institution while at high school. Students earn credits in high school AND the post secondary school. The fees at the post secondary level are paid by Palliser

Dual credit helps students to:

  • get a jump start on their post-secondary education while still in high school
  • complete high school while engaging in meaningful curriculum
  • transition to post-secondary studies or move into the world of work
  • potentially complete post-secondary with less financial debt

More information for students and parents is on the Alberta Education website.  

Download a brochure about the program here.

More information: in Calgary.

Palliser offers dual credit programming in the following 5 areas in the Calgary region.

Application for 

Dual Credit Information Meetings for 2018-19 registration

Pre-Employment Carpenter - May 1 @ 6:00pm, CB318 (third floor Aldred Building at SAIT)

Pre-Employment Electrician - May 1 @ 7:00pm, CB320 (third floor Aldred Building at SAIT)

Pharmacy Assistant - May 2 @ 6:00pm, NN105 (Senator Burns Building at SAIT)


Engineering Design and Geospatial Technologies - May 3 @ 7:30pm, MC317 (third floor, Stan Grad Buildling, SAIT)

Energy and Environment Engineering Technologies - May 3 @ 6:00pm, MC319 (third floor, Stan Grad Buildling, SAIT)

When working toward meeting learning outcomes, logistics play an important role. Once again Alison’s background in technology based education shows her mastery of the technical skills needed to help students achieve their goals. While working on the leadership conference alongside Alison, it was no challenge to understand what my role was or how I was to undertake my next responsibility. With detailed emails, organized Google Hangout sessions, scheduled meetings, and clear deadlines for deliverables, each and every student was equipped with the resources to ensure they could accomplish the work the needed.

Andrew, 12

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