Career Internship

Health Related Fields

Purpose: Students will have opportunity to learn about the health care field and work with local experts while earning 7 credits toward AB diploma. Career Internship 10 is a workplace-based curriculum designed to assist students in making informed decisions about their school–career transitions. Specifically, the course is designed to prepare students for entry in trade, technology and service careers.

Mentorship areas:

  • Health Administration, Health Records, Physiotherapy, Speech and Occupational Therapy, Nursing: RN, LPN, NA, Diagnostic Imaging, Lab Maintenance, Public Health Nursing, Nutrition, Recreation Therapy, Mental Health and Social Work, Medicine, Dentistry, Dental Hygienist, Veterinary Science.


Students must complete the pre-requisites first before they start in the mentoring arrangement.

Getting Online - All students must take the Getting Online Orientation course (GO) as a prerequisite to all online 10-11 courses. This course is 3 credits and addresses the learning outcomes for E-Learning Management Systems (COM 1255) Visual Composition (COM 1005) and CTS Project A.

HSS1010 This is an introductory level course that allows you to examine fundamental attitudes, knowledge, and skills in preparation for further study in career pathways in health, recreation, and community services. HSS1010 is a prerequisite for several advanced Human and Social Services courses that you may choose to enroll in during your high school studies.

Students will earn credits in Career Internship or Special Projects depending on the nature of the program that is designed for them. 

Career internship - Student will discover their career interests and aptitudes in meaningful work activities, situated in community-based workstations and work sites in trade, technology or service sectors. They will develop and apply knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate to the changing workplace and apply, in the workplace, competencies acquired through other course work. Students will also develop an understanding about the demands of the workplace and an appreciation of both employee’s and employer’s rights and responsibilities.

Special Projects 10-20-30  - Special projects credits perform two major functions:

  • Students become involved in the selection, planning and organization of their own programs.
  • Students pursue activities in which they have considerable interest or ability but which are not within the scope of the regular curriculum or the programs being offered in the school.

Students can discuss their areas of career interest and arrange a career internship with our Off Campus Coordinator,

The program of studies describes this program in detail.



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