Provincial Achievement tests for home educated students

Students will be expected to participate in the provincial achievement tests  (PAT) in grades 6, 9 in language arts and math.

If the home education plan follows the Alberta Program of Studies in science and Social studies students will be expected to participate in those assessments as well. 

Arrangements will be made for the student to write in one of Palliser's schools. 

2020 Provincial Achievement Tests - Draft schedule

PAT Schedule for 2019-2020
  Proposed Date Proposed Date Date Date
Exam January /Grade 6 January/Grade 9 May/ June Grade 6 May / June Grade 9
ELA Part A January 16 January 16 May 4 May 4
ELA Part B January 24 January 23 June 18 June 18
Math January 30 January 27 June 22 June 22
Science January 31 January 28 June 23 June 23
Social January 29 January 29 June 24 June 24

When working with Alison on Palliser’s DiscoverU Student Leadership Conference I was exposed to everything from public speaking, formal presentations, brainstorming sessions, to conference calls and meetings while planning the logistics of the conference. Not only did Alison encourage students to be leaders in various elements of the project but she found ways of inspiring leadership through her charisma and positive attitude.

Andrew, 12

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