Testimonials from parents and students

Student testimonial / reflections of online learning experience with Palliser Beyond Borders

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Student/teacher relationships, friendships, communication and learning takes place through a variety of mediums (Google Chat, email, Google Meet in groups and one on one, etc.) which strengthen and reinforce learning opportunities at Palliser Beyond Borders. 

Kaisa, student with Palliser Beyond Borders, discusses her experiences of learning online.

Online learning has instilled a sense of personal responsibility for his own education.

From parent, Chantelle: Our son Bennett is currently enrolled with Palliser Beyond Borders in Grade 4 with Mrs. Okada. Our decision to go with online learning this year was a health based one and we weren't really sure what to expect. However, we are very happy with our decision and would recommend this option to anyone wanting an alternative to brick and mortar school. Bennett has really excelled in his studies this year.

Online learning has instilled in him a sense of personal responsibility for his own education. He has also responded well to the project based learning approach taken by his teacher instead of the standard worksheets and activities. Bennett has always been a very quiet and serious kid in the traditional classrooms of previous years. I have seen him come out of his shell and be eager to contribute to classroom conversations and activities, perhaps even too much! He is encouraged, particularly in math, to go above and beyond grade level work.

As a parent, I appreciate this targeted  and individualized approach. Bennett had a very rough start in life medically and we weren't sure what effect it would have on his student life. I am so proud to see the work he does every day in school and how he has been guided to reach his potential.

I don't know what the future will bring but I am comforted knowing that this option is out there for families looking for a flexible way to educate their children without sacrificing quality of instruction. 


There is a certain community feeling when you walk in the door. This is the feeling I still get when I walk in the Outreach. 

Travis, 12

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