Student Learning Exemplars

We are proud how are students are showing their learning!

Grade 1 students learn online and offline. Students will share their learning from the offline world and bring them online through images and camera. The online world is part of the ways we build community with the teachers and students. We rely on our parents as learning partners to help us engage students in their learning when they are offline. 

Grade 3 students participating in a a collaborative Reading activity:

Students in grade 5 share their learning in social studies which integrates language arts and math in a presentation that is shared live in our class with other students.

Our students are learning about building life long learning portfolios, learning to identify personal interests and goals. In addition they are learning to use a variety of technologies to show their learning and to understand how digital citizenship applies to them

A Grade 6 Social Studies project integrates language arts, social studies and math. Students were joined by Town counsellors and the mayor of Coaldale to share and celebrate their learning.

Junior high students share art work in a media project 

In junior high Social Studies Project  students gather examples of artifacts from the Renaissance that demonstrate different aspects of Worldview. 

In junior high, students use the website "Once Upon a Picture" to use a picture prompt of their choosing which has writing prompt questions they answer based on the picture. 

The environment in the Outreach has a way of building you up. There is always positivity lowing through the air with different students and teachers coming in. There was always new ways to learn things each day and other students' ideas helped make the Outreach a place where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. 

Travis, 12

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