Our Staff

Principal  Alison Hancox

Principal Alison Hancox

The success of our students, whether online or in-person is thanks to a dedicated staff of teachers and support staff across Palliser Regional Schools. Here's a look at key contacts to guide you at every step of your journey through Palliser Beyond Borders.

Principal: Alison Hancox, MET
Phone: 403-485-6180

Meet our Teachers at the e-teacher site by clicking here.


Registration and Getting Started

Palliser Beyond Borders 

PBB @Vulcan, Administrative Assistant Sheryl Haahr

                      book an intake appointment or phone 403-485-6180

PBB @Picture Butte, Administrative Assistant Lola Mix.

                      book an intake appointment or phone 403-732-5810

PBB @ Coaldale, Administrative Assistant Kourtney Skipworth.

                      book an intake appointment or phone 403-345-4421

PBB @ Calgary, Administrative Assistant Elvira Pagsanghan.

                      book an intake appointment or phone 403-291-0584


Student Moodle Account setup or troubleshooting, email or call 403-345-4421

Textbook Requests, email or call 403-732-5810

Special Needs Co-ordination and Individual Program Plans (IPPs)email or call 403-345-4421

Outreach School Locations

Palliser Beyond Borders oversees four outreach school sites, conveniently located in the communities of Coaldale, Picture Butte, Vulcan and Calgary.

PBB @ Coaldale
1915 20th Ave.
Coaldale, AB T1M 1L8
Phone: 403-345-4421
Administrative Assistant: Kourtney Skipworth

PBB @ Picture Butte
334 Highway Avenue
Box 1280
Picture Butte, AB T0K 1V0
Phone: 403-732-5810
Administrative Assistant: Lola Mix

PBB @ Vulcan 
102B First Street South
Box 390
Vulcan, AB T0L 0B0
Phone: 403-485-6180
Administrative Assistant: Sheryl Haahr

PBB @ Calgary 
2635 37th Avenue Noutheast
Calgary, AB T1Y 5Z6
Phone: 403-291-0854
Administrative Assistant: Elvira Pagsanghan


Our Teachers

Meet our outstanding teachers, their subjects and locations

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Social Studies



English 10/20/30 - 1, English 10/20/30 - 2, Sports Analytics
Keith Harrison, PBB @ Coaldale
Phone: 403-345-4421

French 10, 20, 30
Jacob Fraser, PBB @ Coaldale/Picture Butte
Phone: 403-831-9489

Math 10C, Math 20-1
Bruno Castelli, PBB @ Coaldale
Phone: 403-345-4421

Math 10-3, 20-2, 20-3, 20-3, 30-2, 30-3, Math 31
Warren Thompson, Noble Central School, Nobleford

Math 10C, 20-1, 30-1, Chemistry 20
Bruno Castelli, PBB @ Coaldale
Phone: 403-345-4421

Physical Education
Jacob Fraser, PBB @ Vulcan
Phone: 403-485-6180

Physics 20/30
Jason Doerksen, Brant Christian School
Phone: 403-684-3752

Science 10
Ken Kroeker, Brant Christian School
Phone: 403-684-3752

Science 14/10-4, 24/20-4/20/30, Chemistry 30 
Steven Wornell, PBB @ Picture Butte
Phone: 403-732-5810                                                           

Social Studies 10-1/2, 20-1/2, 30-1/2
Caroline Schollaardt, PBB @ Calgary                                                                                                                     
Phone: 403-291-0584

Biology 20, 30
Jen Coutts, PBB @ Coaldale                                                                                                                                                               Phone: 403-345-4421


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Agriculture, Legal Studies, HCS3010
Steven Wornell, PBB @ Picture Butte 
Phone: 403-732-5810

Art 10/20/30 or 11/21/31
Michael Shain, PBB @ Vulcan , Wednesday afternoon only
Phone: 403-485-6180

CALM (Career and Life Management, with CTR 1010 and HCS 3000), GO Course
Jacob Fraser, PBB @ Vulcan
Phone: 403-485-6180

Cosmetology, Childcare, Forensics 25/35
Stephanie Krammer, PBB @ Calgary                                                                                                                             Phone:403-291-0584 

Personal/General Psychology
Stephanie Krammer, PBB @ Calgary                                                                                                                             Phone:403-291-0584

WE/RAP/Green Certificate-South
Jen Coutts, PBB @ Picture Butte                                                                                                                                 Phone:403-291-0584

Foods/Drama/Techinical Theatre
Jacob Fraser, PBB @ Vulcan
Phone: 403-485-6180 

Human and Social Service HSS 1080 Student Leadership
Jacob Fraser,, PBB @ Vulcan
Phone: 403-485-6180

Hunter Education
Michael Shain, PBB @ Vulcan, Wednesday afternoon only
Phone: 403-485-6180

Leadership Development Course 1146/1509/3509, HSS 1080
Alison Hancox, Principal, Palliser Beyond Borders
Phone: 403-472-0202

Brian Rodgers, PBB @ Vulcan, Monday afternoon only
Phone: 403-485-6180

Work Experience/RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program)/Career Internship - North
Charlene Foster, PBB



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I loved every day, minute and second in school and in Canada. I hope to have a new opportunity here in Canada in my future. My host family was amazing to me I will never forget what they did for me.   

Emanuela Carvalho, 10

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