Our Staff

The success of our students, whether online or in-person is thanks to a dedicated staff of teachers and support staff across Palliser Regional Schools. Here's a look at key contacts to guide you at every step of your journey through Palliser Beyond Borders.

Principal: Jason Kwasny

Meet our Teachers at the e-teacher site by clicking here.


Registration and Getting Started

Palliser Beyond Borders 

PBB @Vulcan, Administrative Assistant Elvira Pagsanghan. 

Elvira supports our GR1-9 Live Online Program & Home Education

phone 403-485-6180

PBB @ Coaldale, Administrative Assistant Kourtney Skipworth.

Kourtney Supports our GR10-12 High School Program

phone 403-345-4421

Student Moodle Account setup or troubleshooting, email or call 403-345-4421

Textbook Requests, email your subject teacher

Special Needs Co-ordination and Individual Program Plans (IPPs)email or call 403-345-4421

Outreach School Locations

Palliser Beyond Borders oversees two outreach school sites, conveniently located in the communities of Coaldale and Vulcan.

PBB @ Coaldale

1915 20 Ave. 
Box 1237
Coaldale, AB T1M 1N1
Phone: 403-345-4421
Administrative Assistant: Kourtney Skipworth

PBB @ Vulcan 

102B First Street South
Box 1149
Vulcan, AB T0L 0B0
Phone: 403-485-6180
Administrative Assistant: Elvira Pagsanghan


Our Teachers

Meet our outstanding teachers, their subjects and locations

High School Teacher Subject Assignments

English 10/20/30, World History, World Geography
Keith Harrison, PBB @ Coaldale
Phone: 403-345-4421

Social Studies 10/20/30 & Forensics25
Steve Wornell, PBB @ Coaldale
Phone: 403-345-4421

Bruno Castelli, PBB @ Coaldale
Phone: 403-345-4421

Bio 20/30, Chem 20/30, Physics 20/30, Science 14/24, 20/30 
James Tiberio, PBB @ Vulcan
Phone: 403-485-6180

GO, HCS3000, CALM20 and most CTS including courses 
Jacob Fraser, PBB @ Vulcan
Phone: 403-485-6180

Art 10/20/30 or 11/21/31, Hunter Education
Michael Shain, PBB @ Vulcan , Wednesday afternoon only
Phone: 403-485-6180


Dual Credit and WE/RAP/Green Certificate
Jen Coutts, Jen Bowden (south) Charlene Foster   (north)   

Alison relates and connects with students on a personal level. Not only does she realize that students learn best when they are in their element, but she works tirelessly to ensure that her students are comfortable with themselves and who they must work with.


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